The VIII International scientific and practical conference devoted to the memory of academician V.N.Kudryavtsev
V. K. Levin: Supercomputer trends, find this article in Computational Nanotechnology, Issue №1 2015
The scientific journal "Business-in-law" is now in the public domain
Publishing house "Yur-VAK" specializes in scientific periodicals, publishing the main results of dissertations for academic degrees and Ph.D. (Revised List of the leading periodicals 

Our mission is to provide scientifically grounded solutions of relevant legal, economic and sociopolitical problems of Russian society, to publishe outstanding peer reviewed papers to the scientific community. Contribute to a nation-state identity in Russia.
ISSN 2072-3164 (print)   2310-7049 (online)
For lawyers, heads of organizations, law enforcement officers, employees of Chief of Staff of the RF President and local governmental agencies, state, regional, municipal legislative bodies, faculties and higher education institutions of law.
Latest issue
№6 2016
Pages: Impact Factor 2015: 0,670
ISSN 2313-223X (print)  
The journal reviews the most important problems dealing with theory, modeling, design and simulations of nanostructured materials and nanodevices, quantum computing, computational chemistry, physics and biology, nanomechanics, nanomachines, nanoelectronics, nanoprocesses, nanomagnetism, etc.
Latest issue
№3 2016
Pages: 1-252
ISSN 1816-921X (print)   2310-7030 (online)
Leading lawyers and economists of the country on pages of the journal “Business in law” provide scientifically grounded solutions of the actual legal and economic problems arising in practical activities of small, big and medium businesses.
Latest issue
№4 2016
Pages: 1-230 Impact Factor 2015: 0,663
ISSN 2223-0092 (print)   2310-7065 (online)
The journal reviews the most important  social and political problems in modern Russia and in the world; to formation of the national - state identity in Russia; histories of sociopolitical doctrines; political psychology.
Latest issue
№2 2016
Pages: 1-232 Impact-factor 2015: 0,496