Criminal and legal policy of the Russian Federation in the sphere of counteraction to terrorism

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Shkhagapsoyev Zaurbi Lelovich Dr of law, professor. Position: Head of Institute. Akkaeva Khalimat Alievna PhD at law, police colonel. Position: Head of chair. Place of employment: Krasnodar University of MIA Russia. Branch: Caucasian Advanced Training Institute for the personnel of MIA Russia. Department: special technics disciplines chair
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The number of terrorist crimes in modern Russia is estimated in hundreds of acts which victims were thousands of people. In this regard the special relevance is represented by treating of features of criminal and legal policy in the sphere of counteraction to terrorism.
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Shkhagapsoyev Z.L., Akkaeva K.A., (2018), CRIMINAL AND LEGAL POLICY OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION IN THE SPHERE OF COUNTERACTION TO TERRORISM. Gaps in Russian legislation, 5: 103-105.
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terrorism, criminal policy, counter-terrorism, criminalization, the prevention of terrorism.