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Zakharova Elena N. Doctor of Economics, Professor Biryukov Evgeniy V. Candidate of Economic Sciences, associate professor of finance and credit
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The article deals with the problems of ensuring of power generation security of European countries within the framework of bilateral cooperation between Russia and EU. The author outlines the main tendencies of world power generation evolution and analyzes the consumption of power generation resources in Europe. A typical feature in Europe is a strong power generation dependency on the Russian import. The currently implemented set of measures by EU implies the ‘third package’ which intensifies tension between Russia and EU. A compromise is needed with EU about the norms of application of the third package to Russian projects. To consolidate the power generation security on the European continent, the political dialog should be encouraged in order to stimulate cooperation in power generation supply
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Zakharova E.N., Biryukov E.V., (2014), PROBLEMS OF ENSURING ENERGY SECURITY OF THE COUNTRIES OF EUROPE. Business in Law, 5: 306-309.
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power consumption, energy security, The European Union, The third energy package, proved reserves, import dependence.