Sociopolitical Sciences

Issue №4 2014
Issue №4 2014
ISSN: 2223-0092 (print)       ISSN 2310-7065 (online) РИНЦ Pages: 1-90
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1. Annual international conference 'Russia in the world: constitutionalism - parliamentarism - conservatism (responsibility for the future)' Conservative Trend: Constitutional Dynamic and Prospects for Liberal Modernization in Russia Medushevsky Andrei N. Perspectives of Russian political culture Tulchinskii Grigorii L. 2. HISTORY, ETHNOGRAPHY, FINNO-UGRIC STUDIES FROM THE HISTORY OF THE CHRISTIANIZATION MORDVINIANS (based on Shatsky County) Mokshin Nikolay F. CONSTITUTIONAL LEGAL STATUS OF THE REPUBLIC OF MORDOVIA UNDER THE CONSTITUTION OF THE REPUBLIC OF MORDOVIA OF 1995 YAER Lyubushkin Vasily A. PRESIDENTIAL REPUBLIC IN MORDOVIAN (END OF 1991-FIRST HALF OF 1993.) Lezina Elena P. PERSONALITY AND PERSON COSSACK IN THE LIGHT OF THE ISSUES OF NATIONAL HISTORY Erokhin Igor U. Arzhanova Irina Ol. 3. THEORY AND HISTORY OF STATE AND LAW INSTITUTE OF LOCAL COUNCILS AS THE ELEMENT OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION IN THE RUSSIAN STATE (ON THE EXAMPLE OF MORDOVIA) Eremin Alexey R. GLOBALISATION AS THE TENDENCY OF DEVELOPMENT OF THE MODERN RIGHT Eremin Alexey R. Efremova Anastasia S. THE STRUCTURE OF THE STATE ASSEMBLY OF THE REPUBLIC OF MORDOVIA V CONVOCATION Bochkareva Svetlana V. THE EATABLISHMENT OF THE MORDOVIAN POLICE AS A BODY TO FIGHT WITH CRIME AND THE PROTECTION OF PUBLIC ORDER IN THE 30-S Gerasimova Nadia Rashidovna Lomakina Daria V. Formation of state governing bodies in a context of development of national statehood of the Mordovian people in 1918-1928y Gerasimova Nadia Rashidovna Kudashkina Olga N. 4. PHILOSOPHY AND VALUES OF MODERN SOCIETY SOME BASIC PHILOSOPHICAL-METHODOLOGICAL APPROACHES TO UNDERSTANDING OF EUTHANASIA: CONTENT, PERSONS Khmelevsky Sergey V. Nikolskiy Eugenie V. 5. Political Science UKRAINIAN CRISIS: WHAT PAY AND THAT THEREFORE DO RUSSIAN «TEDDY BEAR» Khmelevsky Sergey V. The Crisis in Ukraine and the New Challenges Faced by Azerbaijan Mammadov Ilgar M. 6. FOREIGN SCIENTIFIC SCHOOLS Международная политическая экономика и глобализация. Who gets what? Beznyuk Olha