Sociopolitical Sciences

Issue №1 2014
Issue №1 2014
ISSN: 2223-0092 (print)       2310-7065 (online) Pages: 1-106
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1. PHILOSOPHY AND VALUES OF MODERN SOCIETY THREATS AND CHALLENGES TO MODERN RUSSIA THROUGH THE PRISM OF PROPHECY OF «CLAB OF ROME» Khmelevsky Sergey V. SOCIAL ENSURANCE AS COMPROMISE BETWEEN STATE AND CIVIL SOCIETY: PHILOSOPHICAL REFLECTIONS Khmelevskaya Svetlana A. Lawful and Functional Distribution of the United Government Osipian Boris A. LEGAL LINGUISTICS: PERSPECTIVES FOR IMPLEMENTATION IN LEGAL EDUCATION Gerasimova Nadia Rashidovna Zdorovinina Natalia Philosophical-religious foundations and featuresof Islamic law Abdullaev Elshan Elshad oglu 3. Social science About social and economic appointment of labor unions and strengthenings of their function of social protection of workers Oreshnikov Igor Sunarchina Munira 4. Human and civil rights and freedoms, guarantees of their provision SECULARITY AS A CATEGORY OF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW: CONCEPTS AND PRINCIPLES Baev Valery G. Meshcheryakova Svetlana TO QUESTION ABOUT REPRESENTATION, PROTECTION OF RIGHTS AND LEGAL INTERESTS OF PATIENS OF CRIME (VICTIMS) INTO CRIMINAL PROCESS Vikulov Eugene Konstantinovich EXPERIENCE OF BASHKORTOSTAN REPUBLIC IN STRENGTHENING OF INTERETHNIC CONSENSUS Igebaeva Fania A. SOCIAL INSURANCE: ESSENCE, TYPES Semenov Ilia Valerevich STIMULATION IN THE SYSTEM OF LABOUR MOTIVATION Bucharova Natalia Viktorovna The dialogue between a civil society and a state as a condition of the social system stability Namrueva Elvira Viktorovna 5. HISTORY, ETHNOGRAPHY, FINNO-UGRIC STUDIES Tolerance ideological diversity in state history textbook Russia Lichman Boris V. 6. Political Science DOWNFALL OF UKRAINIAN STATE AS A MAIN GOAL OF U.S. FOREING POLICY TODAY Khmelevsky Sergey V. National impact in the European decision making: the Italian case, an example of politics without policy?Political systems Napolitano Marianna 7. LEGAL ANTHROPOLOGY THE LAW IN THE CONTEXT OF NEW HISTORICAL CULTURE Lepeshko Boris M. 8. POLEMICS AND DEBATES CONSTITUTIONAL MEETING OF 1993: HISTORICAL AND LEGAL ANALYSIS Marino Ivan