Gaps in Russian Legislation

Issue №1 2017
Issue №1 2017
ISSN: 2072-3164 (print)       ISSN 2310-7049 (online) РИНЦ Pages: 1-248
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1. SCIENTIFIC SCHOOL OF DOCTOR OF SCIENCE, PROFESSOR SHCHERBA SERGEJ PETROVICH SCIENTIFIC SCHOOL of PROFESSOR SERGEI PETROVICH SZCZERBA FEATURES OF CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS FOR PEOPLE SUFFERING PHYSICAL OR MENTAL DISABILITIES Zaytsev Oleg Aleksandrovich NOBLE KNIGHT OF THE CRIMINAL PROCESS Ahpanov Arstan Nokeshevich PROBLEMATIC ISSUES OF RELATION BETWEEN EXPERT CONCLUSION AND SPECIALIST OPINION Egorov Nikolay Nikolaevich THE CIRCUMSTANCES THAT LEAD TO HELPLESSNESS STATE of criminal victim Sarsenbayev Talgat Esenalievich PROBLEMS OF LEGAL REGULATION OF putting OF THE SUSPECT or THE ACCUSED INTO A MEDICAL ORGANIZATION PROVIDING PSYCHIATRIC CARE Tsokolova Olga Igorevna PROTECTION OF PUBLIC AND PRIVATE INTERESTS THROUGH THE FILING AND MAINTENANCE OF A CIVIL ACTION BY THE PROSECUTOR IN THE CRIMINAL PROCESS Bokov Dmitry Konstantinovich PROBLEMS OF LEGAL procedure STATUS OF THE PERSON IN THE SPHERE OF EXTRADITION Smirnov Pavel Alekseevich The actual problems of termination of prosecution due to active repentance in Russian system of criminal justice Terekhov Evgeniy Vladimirovich The legal status of the prosecutor in the court proceedings of states - members of the Independent States Commonwealth Frolova Maria Aleksandrovna The Problems of application of the prejudice in the criminal process Chaschina Irina Valerievna 2. SCIENTIFIC SCHOOL OF DOCTOR OF SCIENCE, PROFESSOR ZIYADOVA D.Z. In the footsteps of scientific mentor Ramazanov T. B. Shapiev S. M. Gadzhieva A. A. Status, structure, dynamics and trends in crimes against minors in the Republic of Dagestan Khanova Zaira Reymanovna The problem of corruption prevention: criminological and victimological aspects Gadzhieva Aisha Ansarovna Classification and typology of female victims of crimes Gusniev Kurban Arslanovich Gadzhieva Aisha Ansarovna Criminological analysis of the effects of involving of the non-adults in the commitment of crimes of the terrorist character Aliyeva Surijat Yusufovna Some directions of counteraction to illegal education (to creation, reorganization) the legal entity and to illegal use of documents for formation of legal entity Adukhov Mahomed Habibulayevich Criminological analysis of crimes is against individuals, committed by non-adults based on the political, ideological, racial, national or religious hate or hostility in regard to some social group Magomedov Neftulla Kamalutdinovich The factors causing malicious evasion from payment of funds for the maintenance of children or disabled parents Hanmurzayev Rasheed Bagavdinovich 3. Constitutional law; Constitutional judicial process; Municipal law The question of the implementation of law enforcement functions in the activities of the National Central Bureau of Interpol of the MIA of Russia Khozikova Ekaterina S. PECULIARITIES OF PROCEEDINGS NORMATIVE CONTROL CASES IN THE CONSTITUTIONAL COURT OF CROATIA Polovchenko Konstantin A. 4. Theory and history of law and state; History of law and State teachings A Judicial Trial of the Newspaper “Moskva” in 1869: the Minister of the Internal Affairs A.Y. Timashev against the Newspaper’s Editor I.S. Aksakov Motin Sergey Vitaljevich TO QUESTION ABOUT BRIEF CONTENT OF «JUS IN RE ALIENA» IN ROMAN PRIVATE LAW Semivelichenko Eugene Aleksandrovich Problems of legal segregation of the Irish in the XVI - early XIX centuries Maurov Pavel Nikolaevich 5. CIVIL LAW; ENTREPRENEURIAL LAW; FAMILY LAW; INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LAW; Civil procedure arbitration procedure SOME FEATURES OF THE IMPLEMENTATION OF STATE CONTROL (SUPERVISION) IN THE FIELD OF QUALITY ASSURANCE AND FOOD SAFETY Kostina Kseniya V. Imamov Almas A. Framework agreement as a Novella of the Civil code of the Russian Federation Ivanova Svetlana Georgievna SUMMARY PROCEEDINGS IN CIVIL PROCEEDINGS: ISSUES OF THEORY AND PRACTICE Alieva Anzhela B. CHURCH MARRIAGE AND CIVIL MARRIAGE: CONCEPT, CONTENT, RELATIONSHIP Kutkin Vladimir S. Practical aspects of conclusion of the loan relationships Manokhin Oleg Grigorievich Artemieva Yuliya A. Notarial acts as the basis of occurrence of procedural relations Frolovich Evelina M. On improper execution of obligations by security organizations under the Security contract of private property objects Kuznetsova Alexandra Sergeevna Civil-law ways and reasons to legalization (laundering) of criminal incomes Ayrapetyan Asthik V. CIVIL CONFISCATION AND THE INVIOLABILITY OF PRIVATE PROPERTY Bagavudinov Shamil Gadzhimagomedovich 6. Employment Law; Right to social security Features of legal regulation of additional annual paid leave for persons working in the Far North and equivalent areas Shapoval Elena A. PROCEDURAL ASPECTS OF PROTECTION OF THE EMPLOYEE’S RIGHTS AT SETTLEMENT OF DISPUTES ABOUT REINSTATEMENT IN WORK Panova Kristina Olegovna 7. Criminal; Criminal enforcement law OPPORTUNITIES AND IMPERATIVES OF OSVOBORZHDENIJA FROM CRIMINAL LIABILITY Ivanov Nikita G. Effective implementation of criminal responsibility in solving the problems of theory and practice Effective implementation of criminal responsibility in solving the problems of theory and practice Dvoretskiy Mikhail Yurievich The problem of distinguishing the penalty of restriction of liberty from related punishments not connected with isolation from society Prisich Irina Vladimirovna Personalization as an object of criminal defense Guskov Ivan Yurievich Some quantity and quality indicators of theft and weapon extortion (based on the data of the Kyrgyz Republic) Aralbaev Urmat Sagynalievich 8. Criminology Questions of CRIMINAL POLICY OF THE STATE Savenkov Aleksandr Nikolaevich Problems of expediency and fairness in the application of criminal penalties of imprisonment: pedagogical and legal aspects Vetoshkin Sergei Alexandrovich 9. Criminal procedure Поздравление с юбилеем PLACE OF CRIMINAL PROCEDURE LEGAL ACTS IN ENSURING THE ACHIEVE THE GOAL OF THE CRIMINAL PROCESS Popov Aleksey Pavlovich Typical mistakes made by investigators during the investigative experiment Zakharova Valentina O. PROBLEMS OF COMBATING JUVENILE DELINQUENCY CRIMINAL PROCEDURE AND FORENSIC TOOLS Blinova-Sychkar Irina Vladimirovna Dmitrienko Sergey Alexandrovich Kravtsova Oksana Vasilievna 10. Judicial, prosecutorial, human rights and law enforcement activities Psychological aspects of support of the activities municipal militia Antonov Igor Alekseevich Vinogradov Mikhail Yurevich Lubkov Evgenii Aleksandrovich Judicial power in the mechanism of separation of powers Ablayeva Elvira Bekbolatovna SOME PROBLEMS OF COMPULSORY EXECUTION OF JUDICIAL ACTS IN KAZAKHSTAN: COMPARATIVE LEGAL ANALYSIS WITH RUSSIA Ablayeva Elvira Bekbolatovna In terms of ratio of the advocate’s independence with employee status Marchenkov Ivan Gennadyevich THE NEED FOR COORDINATION BY THE PROSECUTOR'S OFFICE LAW ENFORCEMENT BODIES MILITARY POLICE Lozinsky Oleg I. 19. Information Law; Administrative law; Administrative process ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIOR AND ANTISOCIAL ACTIONS OF: THEORETICAL AND LEGAL ASPECT Dubrovin Alexey Kirillovich The principles of regulation of information relations on the Internet Stukalov Alexey S. 12. OTHER PHILOSOPHICAL-METHODOLOGICAL BASES OF RESEARCHING OF PROBLEM OF GNOSEOLOGICAL TRUTH IN LAW Khmelevskaya Svetlana A. CRIMES ENCROACHING ON THE AUTHORITY OF GOVERNMENT AND INVIOLABILITY OF THE STATE BORDER OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Aghayev Isfandiyar THE CONCEPT AND FORMS OF EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY Meleshko Olga Petrovna Kipselidi Yuri Georgievich LEVEL CONCEPT OF DIFFERENTIATION OF SPHERES OF LIFE IN THE ANALYSIS OF SOCIAL LIFE Meleshko Olga Petrovna Preobrazhenskaya Ksenia Yu. Practice of initiative budgeting at the municipal level Becher Veronica Vissarionovna To the question about the causes and conditions of committing intentional destruction or damage of another's property (art. 167 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) (on the example of the Republic of Bashkortostan) Nabiyev F. F.