Gaps in Russian Legislation

Issue №3 2015
Issue №3 2015
ISSN: 2072-3164 (print)       2310-7049 (online) Pages: 1-238
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1. Constitutional law; Constitutional judicial process; Municipal law Legislatures in the United States of America: the organization and support of their activity Maksimenko Alexander Vladimirovich Kravtsova Elena A. Shalaikin Ruslan Nikolaevich Appointment and problems of public administration by electoral process in the Russian Federation Chistoborodov I.G. THE PARTICIPATION OF THE AUTHORITIES OF PRESIDENTIAL POWER IN THE PROTECTION OF THE RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS OF HUMAN AND CITIZEN Dzhambulatov Serazhdin Isaevich 2. Theory and history of law and state; History of law and State teachings Legal instincts (adopted from the concrete sociological research) Golovkin Roman Borisovich Filimonova Anastasia Igorevna The features of the legislatorial formation at the stage of soviet power establishment (1917-1919 years) Petrov Aleksandr Gennadievich Activity of bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs ChASSR and countrywide in the 50th years of the XX century: tasks and realities Petrov Aleksandr Gennadievich Ivanov N.V. The questions of classify the norms of law efficiency Zhinkin Sergey Alexeevich Punchenko Stanislav Igorevich Democracy: ananalysis of various definitions Klukowska Ilona Vladimirovna Strutinskaya Tatyana Aleksandrovna Lauta Oleg Nikolaevich Popova Lyudmila Anatolievna COSSACK MODEL OF VERTICAL STATE Erokhin Igor U. THE ORIGIN AND THE EVOLUTION OF A “EUROPEAN IDEA” IN FRANCE IN XIV - XVIII CENTURIES: HISTORICAL AND LEGAL EXCURSUS Bida Daria Alexandrovna To the question of overcoming of legal nihilism at the present stage of development of Russia Khanukaev Yusuf Eduardovich Issues of the implementation of the ideological function of law in modern Russia Kazakova Rimma Alexandrovna Historical and legal aspects of the development of Executive bodies of state power in the sphere of education Egorova Anna Nikolaevna The legal understanding of the law in the terms of formation of the Soviet state Nikitina Natalia Valerievna 3. CIVIL LAW; ENTREPRENEURIAL LAW; FAMILY LAW; INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LAW; Civil procedure arbitration procedure The obligation of travel agency to provide to the tourist information on a tourist product Tepanova Natalya A. Kuzakhmetova Svetlana Evgenyevna Legal regulation of insurance in Russia Lutovinova Natalia V. The role of the founder in the creation Autonomous institutions Medvedeva Maria Alexandrovna Transboundary pre-contractual relationship: concept, nature, forms Stepanisheva Anna Michailovna 4. Employment Law; Right to social security; Land law; Natural resource law; Environmental law; Problems of payment of time of non-fulfillment of work in the case of self-defense of workers of labor rights Savin Viktor Tikhonovich 5. Criminal; Criminal enforcement law TO THE QUESTION OF LEGAL PRINCIPLES OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE REALIZATION AND SOCIAL ORDER MAINTENANCE Džahbarov Y.A. Problems objective evidence of crimes against minors Khanova Zaira Reymanovna On the systemic character of law and some aspects of validity in time of blanket criminal law Reshnyak Mariya Genrikhovna Problems subjective signs of crimes against minors Khanova Zaira Reymanovna IMPROVING THE TRAINING OF PERSONNEL OF CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTIONS IN ORDER TO ENSURE PERSONAL SAFETY Sorokin Mikhail Vladimirovich Emelyanov Sergey Nikolaevich The legal nature of the exemption from criminal liability in cases of crimes in the sphere of economic activity Chuprina Evelina Igorevna Social conditionality and the appropriateness of criminal liability for the restriction of competition Semenova Valeriya Anatolievna Trends in improving standards of criminal liability for defamation Kharitonov Ivan Igorevich CHARACTERISTICS OF THE PUNISHMENT APPOINTMENT FOR CRIME COMMITTED BY GROUP, GROUP WITH PRELIMINARY AGREEMENT, ORGANIZED GROUP AND CRIMINAL ASSOCIATION Yankovsky Dmitry Andreevich A gaps of criminal legal support of the normal functioning of authorities in offences against public justice Levkov Danila Urevich Illegal migration: the content and approaches to terminology Akhmedov Mikail Nasreddin oglu On some issues of compliance with Art. 2052 of the Criminal Code provisions of Council of Europe Convention on the Prevention of Terrorism Hasanova Luiza R. MAIN OBJECTIVE FACTORS AFFECTING THE FACE AND NATURE OF MODERN INTERNATIONAL RELIGIOUS-POLITICAL EXTREMISM AND TERRORRIsm Kochesokova Zalina Khazratalievna 7. Criminal procedure The application of special knowledge on crimes related to the use of plastic cards Gauzhaeva Victoria Aleksandrovna Berova Juliet Mikhailovna PROBLEMS OF INCREASE OF EFFICIENCY OF PARTICIPANTS OF CRIMINAL TRIAL IN A STAGE OF PRELIMINARY INVESTIGATION Dmitriyeva Anna Aleksandrovna Features of evidence in the investigation of crimes against sexual integrity Trusova Natalia Sergeevna Powers of the defender at the stage of pretrial investigation on cases of rape Permyakov Sergey Vladimirovich The interaction of the investigator and operative officer at criminal procedural arrest in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Vyong Thang Long BODY SEARCH IN THE CONTEXT OF APPROPRIATE MEANS OF COLLECTING PHYSICAL EVIDENCES IN PRE-TRIAL INQUIRY Mamedov Ramil Yagubovich ON LEGAL REGULATION OF PROCEDURAL POWERS OF HEAD OF AGENCY OF INGUIRY, HEAD OF SUBDIVISION, OF INQUIRE Guseinov Nariman Alinisebowicz 8. Forensics; Forensic expertise; Operational and search activities Theoretical questions on Special Forces activity Yun Eduard Iosifovich MEANS OF VERIFICATION RELIABILITY «ELECTRONIC» EVIDENCE IN CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS Pastukhov Pavel Sisoevich Smuggling of firearms and ammunition: operatively-search characteristics and features of the legal qualification Oltsonov Elveg V. Applying of criminalistics knowledge by prosecutor in supervising in the sphere of healthcare Venev Dmitry Alexandrovich 9. Judicial, prosecutorial, human rights and law enforcement activities The idea of reforming the police in the works of S. E. Desnitsky Styopkin Evgeniy Yurievich The execution of court decisions in the post-soviet states (comparative - legal analysis) Gurbanov Ramin Afad ogly 10. International law; European Law; Corporate law; Energy law The modern principles of legal regulation of navigation on the international rivers of Europe Kotova Maria Vitalevna 10. Financial law; Tax law; Budgetary law; Administrative law; Administrative process SPACE IN THE CODE ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEEDINGS Svetlichnaya Tatyana Borisovna Slusareva Tatiana Gennadevna Conceptual frameworks of legislation in the sphere database’s legal regulation of social attitude Korchemkina Olga Anatolievna LEGAL BASES OF CONFLICT INTERESTS SETTLEMENT OF PERSONS IN STATE POSITIONS OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Ilyakov Alexander Dmitrievich THE ADMINISTRATIVE PUNISHMENTS PURPOSES FOR COMMISSION OF THE OFFENCE IN THE TRAFFIC FIELD Mukabenov Mingian Valerievich 12. OTHER Problems of federalism principle realization in modern Russia Demidov Vladimir P. Mokhorova Anna U. Mokhorov Dmitryi A. PROBLEMS OF PRACTICE FRENCH REGIONALISM RUSSIA Lebedeva Margarita L. RUSSIAN STATEHOOD AND ORTHODOXY: PHILOSOPHICAL AND LEGAL APPROACH TO THE INTERRELATION PROBLEM Korsakova Lyubov E. Professional language education of law students: the knowledge and skills control in mastering of foreign language as one of the most important teaching elements at a higher educational institution Guryanova Tatyana Yuryevna Gushchin Vyacheslav Alekseyevich On improvement of legislation in the field of legal termination of service in the penal system Chudakova Svetlana Nikolaevna Russian Criminal Code novels on liability for drugs trafficking Egorov Andrei Vilionarovich Establishment and implementation of the criminal law in relation to crimes committed exclusively by women, in pre-Soviet, Soviet and post-Soviet periods Kudaeva Larisa Arsenovna