Gaps in Russian Legislation

Issue №3 2014
Issue №3 2014
ISSN: 2072-3164 (print)       2310-7049 (online) Pages: 1-297
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1. Constitutional law; Constitutional judicial process; Municipal law Threats and risks to scientific periodicals development in Russia Yastrebova Elena V. Problems of law: Status of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Bulakov Oleg N. PRINCIPLES OF ACTIVITY OF LEGISLATIVE BODIES OF SUBJECTS OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Inalkayeva Kazban Samatovna REGULATION PROBLEMS OF PROFESSIONAL PUBLIC SERVICE Kurbanova Aseeyat S. THE CONSTITUTIONAL-LAW FOUNDATIONS FOR BOUNDARY DELIMITATIONS OF ENFORCEMENT POWERS AND TERMS OF REFERENCE BETWEEN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION AND ITS ENTITIES IN THE STATE CIVIL SERVICE SPHERE Larkina Anna Petrovna Pyatkina Tatiana Yurievna Constitution of the Russian Federation: the essence, the concept and methods of its implementation and protection Silaeva Anna Olegovna The analysis of legal status of the Ombudsman for Children in the Russian Federation Galyautdinov Bulat Salavatovich Universalism and the comprehensive nature of the Prosecutor's supervision as the distinctive features of the judicial power from a control authority Savelov Michail Alekseevitch 2. Theory and history of law and state; History of law and State teachings BIBLICAL BEGINNINGS OF CRIMINAL PROTECTION OF CULTURAL VALUES (based on the Mosaic Pentateuch) Bespalko Viktor G. Development and public discussion of the draft Constitution of the USSR in 1936 Maksimova Olga Dmitrievna LEGISLATIVE REGULATION CONCERNING ILLEGITIMATE CHILDREN THE FIRST HALF XIX CENTURY Cherkashina Natalia Valierevna Social activities of judicial institutions of Russia in the 18th century (orphan courts of the Vladimir province) Korotkova Yulia Andreevna 3. CIVIL LAW, HOUSING LAW, INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LAW, FAMILY LAW, CIVIL PROCEDURE, ARBITRATION PROCESS Features of the intellectual rights protection at the present stage of a society development Khrisanov V.A. Mikhajlikov V.L. Tishhenko I.V. Sviridov S.V. THE ALIMONY PAYMENT BASES TO FULL AGE CHILDREN BY THE RUSSIAN LEGISLATION Burdo Evgeniy Petrovich Grounds and types of maintenance obligations in the family Burdo Evgeniy Petrovich ABOUT THE REASON IMPEDIMENTAL TO SATISFACTORY PERMISSION OF PROBLEMS OF "HONESTY" ARE IN CIVIL LAW Kozhevnikov Konstantin Alexandrovich Popov V.S. Problems of Legal Regulation of Commercial Tenders: English Case Law Barannikova Catherine Sergeevna Legal nature of Judicial decisions in civil disputes Sklizkov Mikhail Nikolaevich Comparative legal characterization of documentary securities and bank payment cards under the law of Russian Federation Petryashov Dmitry Sergeevich THE SYNDICATED CREDITING INSTITUTE REGULATION IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Agadzhanyan Ani Seyranovna The participation of public law entities in the civil law relationships Namaev Timur F. Enforcement of Arbitral Awards that have been Set Aside at the Seat of Arbitration Astakhova Daria Olegovna 4. Land law; Natural resource law; Environmental law Formation and implementation of the principle of a combination of environmental, economic and social interests of subsoil use in mining law and the legislation of the Russian Federation Melgounov Vitaly Dmitrievich 7. Criminal law, Criminal enforcement law, Criminology Qualification of violent crimes Borovikov Valery B. The issues of defining preparation of crime term and classification of its types Uzdenov Rasul Magometovich Problems of legislative structures senior 291.1 Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (intermediation in bribery) Fominih Sergei Mikhailovich Types of the special subjects of corruption crimes in international law Sorochkin Roman A. The compozition of criminal law norms of common and specific parts of legislation of ukraine, latvia and bulgaria Petrushenkov Alexandr N. Criminal-legal characteristic fraud lending (art. 159.1 of the Criminal Code of Russia) Stepanov Maksim Vyacheslavovich To the question on differentiation of vandalism in the Russian criminal and administrative legislation Aliev Hibi Kurbanovich Magomedova Marjam Magomedovna General characteristics of the family and minors Khanova Zaira Reymanovna PHENOMENON LEGAL NIHILISM IN RUSSIAN SOCIETY AND CITIZENS' READINESS TO EXTRA METHOD OF RESOLVING CRIMINAL CONFLICT Smirnov Alexander M. PARENTS AS SUBJECTS OF CRIMES COMMITTED AGAINST THEIR CHILDREN: A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF APPROACHES OF RUSSIAN AND BELARUSIAN LAWMAKERS TO THEIR RESPONSIBILITY Gulyakevich Dmitriy Leonidovich Issues of struggle against illegal circulation of drugs Egorov Andrei Vilionarovich Differentiation of criminal liability for dissolute actions and pornography trade related crimes Zazirnaya Maria Maksimovna THE USE OF TECHNICAL DEVICES AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES FOR CRIMINAL PURPOSES AS A CIRCUMSTANCE AGGRAVATING THE CRIMINAL LIABILITY Mnatsakanyan Arevik VAsilievna TO THE QUASTION OF QUALIFICATION OF CRIMES, PROVIDED BY CLAUSE 179 OF THE CRIMINAL CODE OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Red’kin Vladimir Aleksandrovich The neutralization counter at the preliminary stage of the work of police officers reported about crimes, related with default or improper performance responsibilities for the upbringing of minors (Article 156 Criminal Code of the Russian Federation): theory and practice Khuditskaya Julia Petrovna INDUCEMENT TO USE NARCOTIC DRUGS, PSYCHOTROPIC SUBSTANCES AND THEIR ANALOGUES UNDER THE ART. 230 OF THE RUSSIAN CRIMINAL CODE COMPARING TO THE DUTCH LAW Vyazemskaya Anna Alexandrovna THE IDENTITY OF THE CRIMINAL AS ONE OF CRIMINOLOGICAL SIGNIFICANT CHARACTERISTICS IN THREAT OF MURDER OR CAUSING HEAVY HARM TO HEALTH Logvinenko Vasily Victorovich On means of optimizing pre-trial proceedings in the contemporary terms Girko Sergey I. POWERS OF THE PUBLIC PROSECUTOR AT THE STAGE OF INSTITUTION OF THE CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS Bicheev Dmitry Valerievich Acts of prosecutorial response and supervision in pretrial criminal proceedings Bicheev Dmitry Valerievich PROBLEM LEGAL NATURE OF THE STAGE OF INITIATE CRIMINAL PROCEEDING Popov Artem Alekseevich 7. Forensics; Forensic expertise; Operational and search activities The innovative aspect of criminalistic in forecasting and management of the organization investigation Nechaeva Natalia Borisovna Legal issues of security at the facilities air transport Komarov Valery Valentinovich Differentiation of criminalistic concepts: model crimes portrait of a criminal search and criminalistic characteristics of crimes Bolshakova Veronika Nikolaevna 8. Judicial, prosecutorial, human rights and law enforcement activities Prosecutor’s Office activities and improvement of legal framework for the prevention of distribution of extremist materials Lipatova Zhanna Nikolayevna AN OBJECT OF PROSECUTOR’S SUPERVISION OVER THE EXECUTION OF THE LAWS BY ADMINISTRATIONS OF DETENTION CENTERS Merzhoev Magomed Changes in procedural fundamental principles of disciplinary proceeding in respect of attorneys Raudin Vasiliy Vasilyevich 9. INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC LAW ROLE OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION IN THE SETTLEMENT OF THE NAGORNO KARABAKH CONFLICT Kirakosyan N.A. 10. Financial law; Tax law; Budgetary law; Information Law; Administrative law; Administrative process Principles of income taxation Miroshnik Svetlana Valentinovna Constitutional and legal basis for regulating financial relations: a comparative legal analysis Miroshnik Svetlana Valentinovna Nemykina Olesya Evgenyevna Administrative - Law Status of State Civil Agents Larkina Anna Petrovna Sveshnikova Larisa Nikolaevna The necessity of reorganization of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation on the basis of the differentiation of its functions Sokolov Roman A. CORRUPTION RISKS IN ACTIVITY federal executive bodies Inkina Maria Victorovna Some questions of legal regulation of drug demand reduction Novikova Tamara Aleksandrovna 11. CONFERENCE MATERIALS SOME QUESTIONS PREPAREDNESS OF ATS FACILITIES PREVENTION AND SUPPRESSION EXTREMISM BASED ETHNIC HATRED Shhagapsoev Zaurbi Lelovich Tutukov Albert Yuryevich PROBLEMS COUNTERING EXTREMISM AMONG YOUNG PEOPLE Gutieva Irina Genrikhovna TERRORISM AS A GLOBAL PROBLEM OF present Nagoeva Marina A. PSYCHOLOGICAL SUPPORT OF SPECIAL FORCES IN MASS RIOTS Mashekuasheva Margarita Khasanbievna MORAL STANDING POLICE TRAINING Kardanov Arsene Klimovitch Ear perception analysis of English spontaneous speech Boziev Alberd Tahirovich PROTECT THE POPULATION AGAINST ORGANIZED CRIME AND MANIFESTATIONS OF EXTREMISM Dzhumaeva Rusana Hamidbievna CRIMINOLOGICAL CHARACTERISTICS CAUSE OF THE spread OF YOUTH EXTREMISM Tarchokov Beslan Alekseevich TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS IN THE GLOBAL INFORMATION SPACE Burayeva Lyudmila A. CURRENT ISSUES IN CRIME PREVENTION AND PUNISHMENT TERRORIST AND EXTREMIST ORIENTATION Khachidogov Ruslan Aslanovich ESPECIALLY IN TERMS OF PERSONAL SAFETY OF THE INTERIOR MINISTRY IN SKFO Chechenov Amur Muaedovich POLITICAL AND LEGAL FORMATION TECHNOLOGY PARLIAMENTARY PARTIES Mazdogova Zaira Zaurovna SOME STATE REGULATION OF ECONOMIC SECURITY REGION Kochesokova Irina Hazratalievna Kochesokova Zalina Kh. 12. OTHER Problems of law: reorganization of the functions of Bank of Russia Bulakov Oleg N. LEGISLATIVE SUPPORT OF RUSSIAN MIGRATION POLICY Abdullaev Elshan Elshad ogli The concept and the formal-legal characteristics of rural settlements: the territory, the population, the legal regime Afanasyev Alexander Alexandrovich