Gaps in Russian Legislation

Issue №2 2014
Issue №2 2014
ISSN: 2072-3164 (print)       2310-7049 (online) Pages: 1-344
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1. Constitutional law; Constitutional judicial process; Municipal law COMMON LAW Tuvinians - BASIS FORMATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF STATE ELECTION LAW Mongouch Daryymaa Vassilievna Ondar Nicholay Aldyn-oolovich The secondary bodies of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and the peculiarities of its functioning Kravtsova Elena Aleksandrovna Maksimenko Alexander Vladimirovich Shalaykin Ruslan Nikolaevich The main problems of formation of federative relations in Russia Kravtsova Elena Aleksandrovna Pogorelov Dmitriy Viktorovich RELIGIOUS RUSSIAN FEDERATION SECURITY AS SUBJECT OF CONSTITUTIONAL LEGAL STUDIES Tarasevich Ivan Anatolievich THE PROCEDURE OF A new subject adoption in the RUSSIAN FEDERATION Romashov Pavel A. About the procedural terms in cases of protection of electoral rights in the courts of appeal Babanyan Sarkis S. Implementation of international legal standards in the Russian legislation on elections and referendums in the period of the Constitution of the Russian Federation Aslanov Zamir Velibekovich 2. Theory and history of law and state; History of law and State teachings Kill: determination of behavior and reflected in law Golovkin Roman Borisovich STATE-PRAVOVIE PROBLEMS OF FORMATION OF A CLASS OFFICES IN RUSSIA Tsaturyan Tamara Vladimirovna Baranchikov Vladimir Aleksandrovich Legal culture in the conditions of globalization Nasurdinov Emom Sayfudinovich THE REGULARITIES AND EVOLUTION OF LEGAL REGULATION OF ORGANIZATION AND OPERATION OF THE SECURITY BODIES IN THE SPHERE OF FIGHT AGAINST INTERNAL THREATS IN PRE-REVOLUTIONARY RUSSIA Demidov Alexander Yrievich STATE OF THE LEGAL CULTURE OF TAJIKS UNDER THE ACHAEMENIDS Nasurdinov Emom Sayfudinovich Concept international - legal acts in the legal system of the Republic of Tajikistan Kamolov I.I. To the problem of self-determination of Nations (historical and legal aspect) Sultanov Ahsan Kharisovich About the methodology of learning of regulative influence of law Kovtun Zlata Leonidovna Actual issues of law regulation in conditions of modernization in modern Russia Kazakov Gerasim Alexandrovich About ethnic and social factors of development and realization of law ideology function in modern Russia Kazakova Rimma Alexandrovna To the question about the conditions and directions of unification of regulatory legal acts Stryukov Egor Alexandrovich 3. CIVIL LAW, HOUSING LAW, INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LAW, FAMILY LAW, CIVIL PROCEDURE, ARBITRATION PROCESS CIVIL LEGAL FUNCTIONS UNITARY ENTERPRISES INTO PROPERTY TURNOVER Tatneva Natalia Victorovna Some features of protection of the rights of the minor child who has lost parental care, at transactions on alienation of property belonging to it Kasyanova Irina Nikolaevna Documents a contract for pilotage Grigoryants Karina A. Problems creating homeowners: Legal Aspects Yudina Ekaterina V. DISTRIBUTION OF COSTS AS A MEASURE OF RESPONSIBILITY IN ARBITRATION PROCEDURE Zhukov Andrey Anatolyevich PROTECTION OF THE PATIENTS’ RIGHTS DURING THE CLINICAL TESTS OF THE NEWEST ACHIEVEMENTS OF BIOTECHNOLOGY IN MEDICINE Immel Larisa Alexandrovna 4. Employment Law; Right to social security; Land law; Natural resource law; Environmental law; Current Issues of Court Practice in the Sphere of Subsoil Use Kostareva A.N. Melgounov V.D. Development of norms of a labour contract in the labour legislation of the Republic of Armenia Zakharyan Arevik Yurievna Use of contract employee labor: limitations and prohibitions Pshenichnikov Sergey Vitalievich FACTORS AND MODELS OF DEVELOPMENT OF SOCIAL INSURANCE OF WORKING MIGRANTS FROM COUNTRIES - MEMBERS OF COMMONWEALTH OF INDEPENDENT STATES Semenov Ilia Valerevich SYSTEM OF MATERIAL (MONETARY) STIMULATION OF SCIENTIFIC WORKERS OF BRANCH RESEARCH INSTITUTES (FOR EXAMPLE, LLC «GAZPROM VNIIGAZ») Bucharova Natalia Viktorovna 5. Criminal law Controversial Issues of Interpretation of Certain Qualified Kinds of Murder in Theory of Criminal Law and Court Practice Divaeva Irina Rafaelovna Nurkaeva Tatyana N. CRIMINAL LEGAL ENFORCEMENT ON MECHANISM OF RESPONSIBILITY Malikov Boris Zufarovich Salimova Aigul Muhametsharifovna Comparative legal analysis of criminal law some of the Baltic countries, the law governing space Reshnyak Mariya Genrikhovna The System of Crimes against Human Freedom in the Criminal Legislation of Foreign Countries Kazamirov A.I. Improvement of criminal responsibility for the desecration of corpses Ismagilov Rinat A. DESIGN ISSUES IN CRIMINAL LAW QUALIFYING SIGNS SLANDER (p.p. 2-5 art. 1281 of the Criminal Code) Poezzhalov Vladimir B. Nikolaeva Tatiana History of the development of the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan, of responsibility for sexual assault Raufov Farukh Halilovich The objective party of crimes, before the seen part 1 of article 291.1 of the criminal code of Russian Federation Sidorenko Eugene Alehandrovich To the question of the qualifications of theft committed by illegal access to property Petruhnov Sergey Nikolaevich The notion of «the right to dwelling» in the Russian constitutional, civil, housing, criminal law Andreichenko Roman Andreevich Some questions of qualification of burglaries committed in complicity Petruhnov Sergey Nikolaevich THE NOTION OF «INCHOATE CRIME» Bezuglyy Sergey Nikolaevich JUVENILES NEGLIGENCE CRIMES (ON THE EXAMPLE OF ALTAY REGION, KHANTY-MANSIYSK AND TYUMEN REGION) Zorkina Anna Alexandrovna MASSIVE INVOLVEMENT AS ATTRIBUTE OF OBJECTIVE ASPECT OF CRIME FALLING UNDER ARTICLE 212 OF THE CRIMINAL CODE Ivanenko Yaroslav Igorevich 6. Criminal enforcement law, Criminology On the need to strengthen the criminal procedure provisions regulating the activities of the penal system (based on the survey of penal officers) Krymov Alexander Alexandrovich Socially dangerous consequences of drug aggression: current issues warning Zelentsov Alexey A. Kolomiychenko Elena V. Doctrinal aspects of penitentiary policy: theoretical and legal background Sokolova Olga Valerevna ON THE DIRECTION VALUE AND THE OFFENSE FOR THEIR CLASSIFICATION Privalov Alexander Vassilievich Incentives as an instrument of correction for juvenile offenders Guryevsky Pauline Vyacheslalvovna Criminological aspects abuses of powers of office and excess of powers of office among employees of law-enforcement bodies: criminological analysis Magomedov Kurban Rabazanovich 7. Criminal procedure Поздравление юбиляру SCIENTIFIC SCHOOL of PROFESSOR V.T. TOMIN - THE SCHOOL OF PROCESSUALISTS Polyakov Michael Petrovich Regulatory framework for international cooperation on extradition of persons for criminal prosecution or execution of the sentence Nesmachnaya N.V. Frantsiforov Y.V. TACTICAL COMPLEXE IN THE STARTING SITUATION PRE-TRIAL PROCEEDINGS Isayenko Vyacheslav N. Improving the legal enforcement of scientific and technical resources in the detection and investigation of crimes Chegodaeva Svetlana Sergeevna GENERAL LAW PURPOSE OF EXAMINATION: LINGUISTIC AND LAW ASPECTS Bayanov Alexander Ivanovich Yemelyanova Olga Nicolaevna ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS AS EVIDENCE IN THE INVESTIGATIO OF CRIMES Logvinenko Elena Alexandrovna PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS OF USE OF SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE IN THE COURSE OF VERIFICATION OF STATEMENTS (MESSAGES) ON CRIMES IN THE LIGHT OF CHANGES OF THE CRIMINAL PROCEDURE LEGISLATION OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Kudryavtsev Alexander V. Kudryavtseva Olga Gennadevna TO THE QUESTION OF EXISTENCE OF INVESTIGATION SECRECY IN THE RUSSIAN CRIMINAL PROCESS Isaeva Regina Miniyarovna PROS AND CONS OF EXISTENCE OF INQUEST IN CONTRACTED FORM Talynyova Zemfira Zinurovna Initial moment of prosecution in the light of specific reasonable time CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS Kaats Maria E. About participation of the lawyer at a stage of initiation of legal proceedings Pugachev Yurij Mikhailovich Participation of victims in various stages of the proceedings of the International Criminal Court Miroshnik Ekaterina Evgenievna Analogy and subsidiary application of rules in criminal proceedings in respect of special categories of persons Maltseva Angelina Anatolyevna 8. Forensics; Forensic expertise; Operational and search activities Legal, organizational and intellectual aspects of the modeling investigation activities Adigamova Guzel Zufarovna Conduct forensic investigations in criminal cases involving crimes of extremism Mikheev Alexei Valerievich Proof in criminal cases involving allegations of a person commits public calls to extremist activity Mikheev Alexei Valerievich FORENSIC CHARACTERIZATION OF CRIMES AGAINST PROPERTY IN THE ASPECTS OF THE PROBLEM TO PREVENT THEM Zhashuev Rustam Anuarovich 9. Judicial, prosecutorial, human rights and law enforcement activities Imperfection of the law about the organization of prosecutorial activity as a corruption-factor Amirbekov Kasumbek Ilyasovich APPLICATION OF AIRMOBILE COMPLEXES OF THE MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS OF RUSSIA AT COUNTERACTION OF MODERN CRIME Beckov Alexander Viktorovich Vasilkov Felix Pavlovich DEVELOPING THE SCIENTIFIC BASIS PARTICIPATION EXPERT IN LAW ENFORCEMENT ACTIVITY AS NEW (PERSPECTIVE) SCIENTIFIC DIRECTION Zhdanov Sergey P. Administrative barriers in law enforcement bodies of internal Affairs of the Russian Federat ion and ways of overcoming them Tyryshkin Viktor Vladimirovich Ipakian Alexander Pavlovich The distinguishing characteristics of court interpreting Gorbatenko Olga G. Neda Kameh Khosh Characteristics and sources of actual problems of legal regulation of the interaction of the internal affairs with the media Ahmadov Chingiz Yavusovich About some questions of legal support of activity of divisions of a special purpose of law-enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation in special conditions Stepanov Pavel Vladimirovich Legal regulation of the territorial bodies of the Russian Interior Ministry to protect potentially dangerous and critical facilities Strokin Valentin Vasilievich The scientific approach to a new direction in «advocatology» (legal profession) Baibulatov Anzor Mavsurovich 10. INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC LAW, ENTREPRENEURIAL LAW, CORPORATE LAW, ENERGY LAW Legal regulation of nuclear energy (Canada) Kurbanov Rashad Afatovich Some aspects of the guarantee of the right to life in the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan Safarov Bakhtovar Amiralievich ECONOMIC COMMUNITY'S COMPETENCE OF THE WESTERN AFRICA COUNTRIES (EKOVAS) IN THE SPHERE OF AGRICULTURE AND USAGE OF NATURAL RESOURCES Mensah Cocu Marius 11. Financial law; Tax law; Budgetary law; Information Law; Administrative law; Administrative process Legal and administrative mechanisms of implemeting participation of Russia in WTO Lipatov Edward Georgievich Administrative proceedings in the Republic of Tajikistan as a way to protect human rights: problems and solutions Dinorshoev A.M. The principles of financial activity of the budget organizations of the Russian Federation in the conditions of change of their legal status Karandaev Igor Yurievich 12. OTHER Territorial defense in system of safety of the Russian state and a place of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in it Maidykov Anatoliy Fedorovich Knyazhev Victor Borisovich The problems of interaction between a state and society Namrueva Elvira Viktorovna CREDIT RISK MANAGEMENT AS THE CORE BACKGROUND AND ELEMENT OF CREDIT MECHANISM IN UNSTABLE ECONOMIC CONDITIONS Ter-Karapetov Roman Arturovich Classification of administrative decisions in system law-enforcement bodies Musatov Dmitriy Alexandrovich The Dynamics of Legal Research into the Problem of Polysemy of the Concept of «Source of Law» and ways of its Solving Kukhnina Lyudmila Yurievna