Gaps in Russian Legislation

Issue №3 2021
Issue №3 2021
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INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL CONFERENCE «EFFECTIVE COMBATING TO CRIME IN THE CONDITIONS OF GLOBALIZATION: PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS» NORTH CAUCASUS INSTITUTE FOR ADVANCED TRAINING (BRANCH) KRASNODAR UNIVERSITY OF MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS RUSSIA, MAY 21-22, 2021, NALCHIK Dzhuletta M. Berova 1. GENERAL THEORETICAL, CRIMINAL-LEGAL AND OTHER PROBLEMS OF COUNTERING EXTREMISM AND TERRORISM. PROBLEMS OF PREVENTING EXTREMISM AND TERRORISM Peculiarities of International Terrorism Acts Counteraction Kardanov Ruslan Reyzaevich Actual Problems of Qualification of Public Calls for Extremist Activity Kanunnikova Natalya Gennadievna Features of Criminal Legal Counteraction Manifestations of Extremism and Terrorism in Youth Environment Gutieva Irina Genrikhovna Modern Terrorism and Extremism as a Potential Threat to State Security Zhamborov Anzor Anatolievich Problems of Countering Terrorism and Extremism on the Internet Under the Conditions of Urban Digitalization Manukyan Aline Romanovna Criminal Legal Characteristic of Responsibility for Child Substitution Shigalugova Mariana Khasanbievna Criminological Characteristics of Fraud at the Present Stage of Public Relations Development Urusov Zamir Khasanovich Dominant Factors Inspiring the Spread of the Ideology of Terrorism in the Youth Environment: Problems and Ways of Localization Bozieva Yulia Gennadievna Korkmazov Alim Viktorovich On the Question of Nationalist Terrorism as a Global Threat of Modern Reality Makoeva Evgenija Ruslanovna The Synergistic Effect of Globalization and Its Impact on the Radicalization of Youth Kuchmezov Rasul Abdulmutalifovich Education of Traditional Spiritual and Moral Values as a Method for Extremism Preventing Dadova Zalina Ismelovna On the Question of the Youth Anti-Extremist Consciousness Formation Kurashinova Anzhela Khafanovna Salkazanov Vadim Elbrusovich Formation of National and Religious Tolerance Among Adolescents and Young People: Problems and Ways to Solve Them Mazdogova Zaira Zaurovna Radicalism: Difficulties of Definitions Urusova Laura Khabalovna 2. CURRENT PROBLEMS OF TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS STAFF IN MODERN CONDITIONS Motivation of Students of Educational Organizations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia to Engage in Sports as The Main Criterion for Improving Professional Qualities Gubzhokov Anzor Hadisovich Patriotic Education of Police Officers as a Means of Improving the Effectiveness of the Fight Against Crime Karachaev Aslan Ruslanovich Informative Characteristics of Personal and Professional Qualities of Internal Affairs Officers in the Process of Professional Development Beshtoev Rustam Olegovich Professional Readiness of Police Employees for the Lawful Use of Physical Force in the Process of Public Order Protection Yaroslavskiy Mikhail Aleksandrovich 3. CRIMINALISTIC, PROCEDURAL AND OPERATIVE-SEARCH MEASURES TO COUNTER CRIME IN THE GLOBALIZATION CONDITIONS About the Content of Special Knowledge in the Investigation of Crimes Yarychev N. U. Nagoeva M. A. Some Features of the Investigation of Crimes Committed by Organized Criminal Groups and Criminal Communities Kharzinova Violeta Mukhamedinovna Alchakov Ramazan Khanafievich Topical Issues of Liability for the Disclosure of the Secret of Adoption Kumysheva Marina Kadirovna Problems of Protection of Witnesses Involved in Criminal Proceedings Osmanov Mukhamed Martinovich The Hidden Network "Darknet": A Criminological Aspect Kodzokov Beslan Valerievich Cooperation Between Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and the Clergy in Countering Extremism Misrokov Tengiz Zamirovich Characteristic Components and Backgrounds Inherent in People Who Commit Terrorist Acts Mashekuasheva Margarita Khasanbievna 4. CRIMINAL - LEGAL, CRIMINOLOGICAL, ADMINISTRATIVE AND OTHER MEASURES FOR COUNTERING CRIME IN CONTEMPORARY CONDITIONS Family Potential in Preventing Deviant Behavior of Children Leila A. Gelyakhova Methods of Fraud Using Electronic Payment Systems Kodzokova Lyatsa Arsenievna Prevention by the Internal Affairs Bodies at the Regional Level of Offenses Committed Using Information and Telecommunication Technologies (Based on Materials from the Stavropol Territory) Vlasenko Vladislav Vladimirovich Kuliev Inal Borisovich Social Measures for Warning Crime in Rural Areas Bondar Anton Gennadievich Criminological Characterization of Crimes Against Sexual Inviolability and Freedom of the Person as a Factor of Counteracting Crime Animokov Islam Kanshoubievich Legal Basis for the Prevention of Crimes in the Field of Road Safety Gutaev Alim Magomedovich 5. CURRENT PROBLEMS OF THE CIVIL SOCIETY DEVELOPMENT AND THE PARTICIPATION OF ITS INSTITUTIONS IN PROVIDING PUBLIC SECURITY Peculiarity of Prevention of Sanitary and Epidemiological Rules Violations in Pandemic Conditions Halimat A. Akkaeva Public Control as a New Subject of Control in Places of Forced Detention Kankulov Anzor Khusenovich Kerefov Inal Ruslanovich Current Problems of Combating Retail Sales of Minors in Alcoholic Products in Russia Ashkhotova Liana Arkadievna 6. THEORY AND HISTORY OF STATE AND LAW, HISTORICAL STUDIES OF LAW AND STATE (12.00.01) Functional Interconnections of Factual Systems Elements Tsukanova Elena Yurievna 7. CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, MUNICIPAL LAW (12.00.02) Modern Constitutional and Legal Registration of State-Confessional Relations in the Russian Federation Khadikov Atsamaz Kazbekovich Gavrikov Evgeny Viktorovich Protection of Rights and Freedoms as a Constitutional and Legal Category Nikolaev Vladimir Alexandrovich Some Tax Cases in Decisions of the Russian Constitutional Court Anton V. Abrosimov 8. CIVIL LAW, BUSINESS LAW; FAMILY LAW, INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LAW (12.00.03) Applying the Consequences of Invalid Transactions: Theory and Law Enforcement Practice Kleimenova Marina Olegovna Agreements on the Transfer of Exclusive Rights to Objects of industrial Property with the Participation of Social Enterprises Petr P. Battakhov Prospects for the Development of Legal Regulation of Debt Financing of Investment Activities Vinitskaya Liliya А. Problems of the Lease for Construction Purposes in the Russian Supreme Court Case Law: is the Building Right the Better Option Ivanova Ekaterina Yurievna 9. FINANCIAL LAW; TAX LAW; BUDGETARY LAW (12.00.04) Operations with Cryptocurrency Through the Prism of AML / CFT Legislation Alekseeva Diana G. Volkov Andrey Yu. Principles as Fundamental Principles of Public Financial Control Antroptseva Irina O. 10. LAND LAW, NATURAL RESOURCES LAW, ECOLOGICAL LAW (12.00.06) Legal Problem in Reproduction of the Mineral Resources Base Ignatiev Daniil Alexeevich 11. CRIMINAL PROCESS (12.00.09) The Concept of a Legal Organization Counteraction to Crime (Theoretical and Ideological Aspect) Levchenko Oleg Viktorovich On the Question of the Scope of the Rights of a Suspect in Criminal Proceedings in Russia: Questions of Theory and Practice Kupryashina Elena Aleksandrovna Cherkasova Elena Anatolyevna Rudov Denis Nikolaevich 12. INTERNATIONAL LAW, EUROPEAN LAW (12.00.10) Comprehensive Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement from the perspective of International Economic Law Shumilov Vladimir Mikhailovich US Activities to Undermine the Existing System of International Law in the Context of the Development of Globalization Nikiforov Vadim Alekseevich 13. FORENSICS; FORENSIC EXPERTISE; OPERATIONAL AND SEARCH ACTIVITIES (12.00.12) Conceptual Foundations of the Private Theory of Forensic Economic Expertise
DOI: 10.33693/2072-3164-2021-14-3-270-276

Savitsky Alexey Anatolyevich 14. ADMINISTRATIVE LAW, ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESS (12.00.14) Improving Approaches to State Property Management in Historical Retrospect Albert V. Pavlyuk Veryga Valeriy Lvovich On the Evaluation of Information Systems: A Comparative Analysis of Individual EAEU Member States Vengerovskiy Evgeniy Leonidovich Comparative Analysis of the Legal Regulation of the Information Sphere of Some Countries of Southeast Asia and the Eurasian Economic Union Shaydullina Venera Kamilevna To the Question Administrative-Legal Regulation of Professional Training for Customs Activities Shcheveleva Alena 15. MISCELLANEOUS Legal Problems on Compensation at the Expense of Budgetary Funds for Damage Caused to a Citizen as a Result of Criminal Prosecution Chotkaraev Kamil Aliaskarovich Arabaev Cholponkul Isayevich Ryskulov Sherik Kamaldinov Timurlan On the Role of the Constitutional Court in Criminal Proceedings in the Light of Amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation Panfilov Pavel O. On Some Principles Defining International Social Security Standards
DOI: 10.33693/2072-3164-2021-14-3-313-319

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