Gaps in Russian Legislation

Issue №2 2020
Issue №2 2020
ISSN: 2072-3164 (print)       ISSN 2310-7049 (online) РИНЦ Pages: 1-256
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1. Theory and history of law and state; History of law and State teachings Actual problems of departmental lawmaking Gerasimova Nadia Rashidovna Tsukarev Artyom Evgenievich Paired and unpaired Legal Categories Lesovaya Tatiana Sergeevna 2. Constitutional law; Constitutional judicial process; Municipal law On improving the power of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation in order to improve the quality of public administration of the electoral process Chistoborodov Ilya Grigorievich AFRICAN CONSTITUTIONAL MODEL FOR MINIMIZING HUMAN RIGHTS RISKS Novikova Alevtina E. 3. CIVIL LAW; ENTREPRENEURIAL LAW; FAMILY LAW; INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LAW GAPS IN THE LEGAL REGULATION OF BUSINESS Krepak Sergey V. TO THE QUESTION OF LEGAL SPECIFICITY OF THE SOLIDAR OBLIGATIONS ESTABLISHED BY LAW Netishinskaya Lyubov Fedorovna Olefir Yana Andreevna Conditions for a balance of interests in the process of exercising real estate interest Galkin Vladislav Igorevich SPECIFICITIES OF LEGAL STATUS OF PARTICIPANTS OF RELATIONSHIPS BASED ON REMOTELY CONCLUDED CONTRACTS Bodilovskiy Andrey V. 4. Financial law; Tax law; Budgetary law Organizational and legal basis of state financial control Shepeleva Dina Victorovna 5. Employment Law; Right to social security SOME CHALLENGES OF THE PRINCIPLES OF THE LEGAL INSTITUTION OF THE LIABILITY OF THE LABOR CONTRACT PARTIES Savin Sergey Victorovich Savin Viktor Tikhonovich 6. Criminal law and criminology; Criminal enforcement law Financial crime: challenges of today Serebrennikova Anna Valerievna DRAFT NEW CRIMINAL CODE OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATIONS. A COMMON PART. CHAPTER XI. CRIMINAL PUNISHMENT, ITS APPOINTMENT AND EXEMPTION FROM HIS MINORS Malinin Vasiliy Borisovich Crime in correctional facilities: reasons, conditions and specifics of prevention Shkhagapsoyev Zaurbi L. Piracy - the challenges of modern time Wang Zan Lebedev Maksim Vladimirovich Serebrennikova Anna Valerievna ACTUAL PROBLEMS OF INTERDEPARTMENTAL INTERACTION WHEN CONSIDERING CRIMES OF A TERRORIST DIRECTION Shkhagapsoyev Zaurbi L. Kanunnikova Natalya Gennadyevna Minimization of the corruption factor is a necessary condition of safety of business Gravina Alla Arkadievna ISSUES OF LEGAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL IMPROVEMENT OF THE PROCEDURE FOR PERFORMING THE PERFORMANCE IN THE TYPE OF DETERMINATION OF THE RIGHT TO TAKE SPECIFIC POSITIONS OR TO PERFORM SPECIFIC ACTIVITIES Pitkevich Lidiya Petrovna Gabaraev Alan Sh. Timofeeva Tatyana Nikolaevna LEGISLATIVE REGULATION CRIMINAL LAW INSTITUTE NECESSARY DEFENSE NEEDS IN THE OVER Bazarov Paul R. PHYSICAL PREPARATION OF THE POLICE STAFF AND THE PARADIGM OF PSYCHOLOGICAL CAUSE: CONTENTS AND SPACES OF LEGAL REGULATION Timofeeva Tatyana Nikolaevna Kuzmin Alexander Nikolaevich RECIDIVISM AS AN INDICATOR OF INEFFICIENCY PENAL CORRECTION SYSTEM Manukyan Aline Romanovna IMPROVEMENT OF CRIMINAL LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR DEFERENCE FROM PAYMENT OF CUSTOMS PAYMENTS BY ORGANIZATIONS AND INDIVIDUALS Tutukov ALbert Yurievich Gelyakhova Leyla Abdullahovna GAPS IN THE SYSTEM OF CONCEPTS AND METHODS OF SOCIAL CONTROL ON ISSUES OF CRIMINALIZATION Kurbanov Abdusamat Ganievich COUNTERING HUMAN TRAFFICKING IN THE ACTIVITIES OF REGIONAL INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS Akkaeva Khalimat Alievna TO THE QUESTION OF TRAFFICKING OF ILLEGALLY PREPARED WOOD IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Kumysheva Marina Kadirovna ON SOME ASPECTS OF COUNTER-TERRORISM IN THE NORTH CAUCASUS IN THE END OF XX CENTURY Tokbaev Ayub Amerbievich Kuchmezov Arsen Nurbievich Problematic features of detecting crimes related to the illegal production and trafficking of alcohol and alcohol-containing products Animokov Islam Kanshoubievich The concept and types of economic crime: a comparative analysis of the criminal law of the Member States of the Eurasian Economic Union Utarov Kanat Alimtaevich Improving the execution and serving of sentences by women with minor children Khutuev Valery Arturovich Gelyakhova Leyla Abdullahovna Biological terrorism: concept, essence, manifestations Burayeva Lyudmila A. Dadova Zalina Ismelovna Qualification Issues for Juvenile Abuse: A Theoretical Aspect Khutuev Valery Arturovich Galimov Sagid Abdulgalimovich PRESTIGE OF THE SERVICE TO THE CRIMINAL EXECUTIVE SYSTEM RUSSIAN FEDERATION Kochkina Oksana Vladimirovna FEATURES OF PREVENTION OF CRIMINAL ACTIONS AMONG THE MINORS Urusov Zamir Khasanovich 7. Criminal procedure FEATURES OF USING COMPUTER INFORMATION FROM THE INTERNET NETWORK IN THE INVESTIGATION OF CRIMES IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Berova Dzhulietta Mikhailovna INVESTIGATION OF CRIMES RELATED TO THE USE OF ELECTRONIC PAYMENT SYSTEMS Tutukov ALbert Yurievich FEATURES OF THE COLLECTION, VERIFICATION AND EVALUATION OF EVIDENCE BY THE INVESTIGATOR Manukyan Aline Romanovna CRITIQUE OF A PURPOSE OF CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS INITIAL STAGE Papysheva Elena Sergeevna Parting words of the Chairman jurors in criminal cases Fadeeva Elena I. PROBLEM ASPECTS OF THEORY AND PRACTICE ARISING IN THE PRODUCTION OF presenting FOR THE IDENTIFICATION AND offers FOR MINIMIZING THEM Cherkesov Sultan Hangerievich Abidov Ruslan Rizuanovich 8. Judicial, prosecutorial, human rights and law enforcement activities SUFFICIENT POWERS TO CONTROLLING BODIES FOR EFFECTIVENESS OF PROSECUTOR'S SUPERVISION OVER THE LAWS IMPLEMENTATION Magomedov Magomed Abdulkadirovich ABOUT SOME LEGAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL ASPECTS OF PLANNING THE ACTIVITIES OF THE TERRITORIAL BODIES OF THE RUSSIAN MVD MVD UNDER EXTRAORDINARY CIRCUMSTANCES Snegovoy Andrey Valentinovich Milovanov Anton Vladimirovich PROBLEMS OF INVESTIGATION OF CRIMES ASSOCIATED WITH DEFERENCE FROM PAYMENT OF CUSTOMS PAYMENTS BY ORGANIZATIONS AND INDIVIDUALS Kumysheva Marina Kadirovna On the issue of effective communication in the framework of solving professional problems by employees of internal affairs bodies Mazdogova Zaira Zaurovna Mashekuasheva Margarita Khasanbievna PROBLEM IN SOLVING THE ACCESS PROBLEM TO JUSTICE IN COURT OF APPEALS Korshunov Yury A. PLACE OF THE FEDERAL SERVICE OF THE TROOPS OF THE NATIONAL GUARDS OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION (ROSGVARDY) IN THE SYSTEM OF LAW ENFORCEMENT BODIES Garnik Lyudmila Yurievna LEGAL BASIS FOR THE PREVENTION AND SUPPRESSION OF OFFENCES COMMITTED ON BOARD AIRCRAFT Matyukhin Oleg Igorevich 9. Forensics; Forensic expertise; Operational and search activities Some questions of differentiation of objects of criminalistic explosion Gauzhaeva Victoria Aleksandrovna Shkhagapsoyev Zaurbi L. Tactical features of detection and seizure of objects and substances of limited circulation Gauzhaeva Victoria Aleksandrovna Berova Juliet Mikhailovna Use of data on the appearance of a person in law enforcement practice Nagoeva Marina Auyesovna Forensic characteristics of firearms as an object of limited turnover Gauzhaeva Victoria Aleksandrovna Gedugoshev Ratmir Ruslanovich The concept and types of criminalistic information Kolesnikova Natalya Sergeevna Individual Peculiarities of the Victims in Crimes Related to Deals with Immoveable Property Davlatov Dilovar Davlyatovich The problematic aspects of the correlation of the increase in the amount of maternal capital, the improvement of criminal schemes and the latency of fraud as a type of crime in the field of illegal receipt and sale of maternal capital Rozhkova Yulia I. TRANSFORMATION OF ORIGINAL DOCUMENT TO DIGITAL FORM AND METHOD OF RECOGNITION OF FORGES IN IT WITH DIGITAL DUAL DOCUMENTS Allaberganov Akhmedzhan A. 10. Administrative law; Administrative process The state of the environment, methods and legal grounds for obtaining reliable information Shurukhnova Diana Nikolaevna The quintessence of the concept of administrative jurisdictional activity Minibaev Farit Askhatovich PROBLEMS OF IMPLEMENTING ADMINISTRATIVE SUPERVISION OF PERSONS, RELEASED FROM PLACES OF DEPRIVATION OF LIBERTY. PRACTICAL LOOK Shaposhnikov Sergey Gennadievich 11. OTHER TYPICAL SUBJECTS OF APPROPRIATION AND EMBEZZLEMENT, COMMITTED IN THE RUSSIAN FINANCIAL AND CREDIT SPHERE Gorbunova Svetlana Eduardovna The problem of achieving a balance of interests in the procedure of vindication of real estate from a bona fide acquirer on the claim of a public legal entity Galkin Vladislav Igorevich Constitutional bases of state support for industry in the Russian Federation: regional aspect Savelyev Yan E.