Gaps in Russian Legislation

Issue №5 2018
Issue №5 2018
ISSN: 2072-3164 (print)       2310-7049 (online) Pages: 1-282
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1. Theory and history of law and state; History of law and State teachings TRENDS OF DEVELOPMENT OF RUSSIAN LAW Barzilova Inna Sergeevna Formation and development of Soviet militia in the Stavropol Territory in the first decades of Soviet power: through pages of archival documents Ushmaeva Ksenia Alekseevna Sostin Dmitry Igorevich Structure and functions of the provincial police institutions of the Russian Empire of the XIX-early XX centuries: based on the materials of the Stavropol Gubernia Ushmaeva Ksenia Alekseevna Sostin Dmitry Igorevich COLLISION REGULATION OF FOREIGN TRADE CONTRACTS IN THE LAW OF FOREIGN COUNTRIES AND THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Shepelev Vladislav Vladimirovich PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS OF THE IMPLEMENTATION OF MODERN RUSSIAN LAW IN THE CONDITIONS OF GLOBALIZATION Shepelev Vladislav Vladimirovich GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF RULES AND PRIVILEGES RUSSIAN-AMERICAN COMPANY OF 1844 Stepanova Elena Evgenievna 2. Constitutional law; Constitutional judicial process; Municipal law THE CONTRACTUAL SOURCES OF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW Romashov Pavel A. Kochev Vladimir A. 3. CIVIL LAW; ENTREPRENEURIAL LAW; FAMILY LAW; INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LAW The problem of interest in transactions of capable persons who did not understand the nature of their actions or could not direct them Zankovsky Sergey S. Moturenko Sergey Mikhailovich ILLEGAL CONSTRUCTION AS THE SUBJECT OF THE TRANSACTION ACCORDING TO THE ITALIAN LAW: PRIVATE AND PUBLIC INTEREST Bogdan Varvara V. Suslikov Vladimir Nikolaevich Druzyakina Elena Vladimirovna Zherelina Olga Nikolaevna THE DELEGATED CAPACITY IN FAMILY RELATIONS: PRIVATE-START LEGAL REGULATION Bogdan Varvara V. Zherelina Olga Nikolaevna Telegin Ruslan Evgenievich Liability for Breach of Contract in Russian and foreign law Sinyavskaya Maria Sergeevna DEVELOPMENT OF MICROFINANCING IN RUSSIA: LEGAL ASPECTS Romenskaya Angelina Vladimirovna Artyuh Kristina Alexandrovna Epifanova Tatiana V. JOINT WITNESS FOR SPOUNDS IN THE INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LAW OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Kudryavtseva Larisa V. Kovalenko Ekaterina Anatolievna Cherimit Rusieta Ramazanovna Choice of an arbitration institution for settlement of an investment dispute in China: dependence on the category of the dispute and the characteristics of the investor Akhmadova Maryam Abdurakhmanovna THE CONCEPT OF COUNTERFEIT IN THE RUSSIAN LEGISLATION Maslova Irina Sergeevna Isaeva Kristina Nikolaevna 4. Financial law; Tax law; Budgetary law Budgetary and legal responsibility: problems of legal regulation Miroshnik Svetlana Valentinovna ASSESSMENT OF THE REGULATORY IMPACT AT PRESENT STAGE OF DEVELOPMENT OF NATIONAL ECONOMY Zembatov Marat R. 5. Employment Law; Right to social security INTERNATIONAL LEGAL REGULATION OF LABOR DISPUTES Ergasheva Irina Valerievna 6. Corporate law; Energy law About theoretical reasons for ignoring principle of limited liability with regard to group of companies Akhmetov Azat Ildarovich 7. Criminal law and criminology; Criminal enforcement law Other violent crimes against health Kazakova Vera A. Criminal and legal policy of the Russian Federation in the sphere of counteraction to terrorism Shkhagapsoyev Zaurbi L. Akkaeva Khalimat Alievna The main trends in the operational situation in the educational colonies as a factor of prevention of juvenile offenders Malchuk Olga Ivanovna The history of the development of the phenomenon of «thief in law» Malchuk Olga Ivanovna THE RESTRICTION OF LEISURE TIME AND THE ESTABLISHMENT OF SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS TO THE JUVENILE BEHAVIOR AS A COERCIVE MEASURE OF EDUCATIONAL INFLUENCE Ivanov Sergey Anatolievich Matinayn Mikhail Aramovich Dushina Tatian Victorovna About some aspects of Art. 72 of the criminal code in the context of temporal action of the criminal law Reshnyak Mariya Genrikhovna MIGRANTS AS THREAT OF SAFETY OF CRIMINALLY-EXECUTIVE SYSTEM Pervozvansky Valeriy B. Strogovich Yuriy N. RETURNING TO THE ISSUE OF RIGHTS AND LAWFUL INTERESTS OF CONVICTED PERSONS FROM AMONG FOREIGN CITIZENS, AND PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES Pervozvansky Valeriy B. Strogovich Yuriy N. Social and legal issues of functioning canine service in modern conditions of development the penal correction system Sayfullin Ranis R. Tsaplin Igor Semenovich THE INVOLVEMENT OF MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC TO THE EXECUTION OF FINES AND THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A LEGAL LIABILITY OF THE PERSON CONVICTED Popova Elena Eduardovna On special criminal units counteraction problem Mayakova Anastasia Stanislavovna MODERN PROBLEMS OF REALIZATION OF THE attribute OF PUNISHABILITY OF CRIME IN GENERAL AND SPECIAL PART OF CRIMINAL CODE OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Petrushenkov Alexandr N. To a question of imperfection of the term «act of terrorism» Manukyan Aline Romanovna Countering manifestations of religious extremism and terrorism Manukyan Aline Romanovna Norm-setting work in the Russian penal system Kudryashov Oleg Vladimirovich Drozdova Elena A. Determinants of corruption crimes and need of improvement of the criminal precepts of law providing responsibility for their commission Tengizova Jeanne Adalbievna Gelyakhova Leyla Abdullakhovna HISTORICAL ASPECTS OF COMBATING WITH IDEOLOGISTS OF THE CRIMEAN WORLD IN SOVIET TIME Anfinogenov Vasily A. THE FORMATION OF CITIZENS OF CORPORATE VALUES IN THE STAFF OF CITIZENS CACT THE MOTIVATION FACTOR TO IMPROVING THE EFFICIENCY OF PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITY Anfinogenov Vasily A. Qualification of vandalism on the objective side of the crime Ivanov Sergey Anatolievich Matinayn Mikhail Aramovich Raybova Liliya Victorovna Theory of management by the example of police units Volkova Olesia V. Drozdova Elena A. FORECASTING OF DEVELOPMENT OF A SITUATION IN THE REGION OF CRIME CONTROL: MATHEMATICAL MODEL Zhilyaev Rustam Muhamedovich Drozdova Elena A. Problems of General and Special Part of the Criminal-Executive Law: Current State Golovastova Julia Alexandrovna BANKRUPTCY ADMINISTRATOR AS THE STATE OFFICER IN CRIMINAL LIABILITY RELATIONS Nisimov Andrey Gennadievich Zarueva Ulyana Glebovna THE SUPPLY OF INTERPRETERS IN THE JUSTICE SYSTEM IN DOMESTIC AND WORLD PRACTICE Ovchinnikov Sergey N. Correctional works: problems of theory and development Gabaraev Alan Sh. FOREIGN EXPERIENCE OF ELECTRONIC MONITORING OF CONVICTS’ BEHAVIOUR Ovchinnikov Sergey N. ON METHODS OF WOMEN RECRUITMENT BY TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS THROUGH THE INTERNET Burayeva Lyudmila A. Social conditionality of criminalization unlawful establishment of legal entity Morozov Alexander Mikhailovich TO THE QUESTION ON CHANGE OF NUMBER OF THE PERSONS TAKEN INTO CUSTODY, IN CONNECTION WITH THE HUMANIZATION OF THE CRIMINAL LEGISLATION OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION (BY RESULTS OF MONITORING 2016-2017) Zhilyaev Rustam Muhamedovich Training for the penitentiary system of the Republic of Kazakhstan Garina Anna Vyacheslavovna Loseva Svetlana N. PECULIARITIES OF APPLICATION OF PENALTIES FOR LEAVING PENALTIES ON CRIMINAL LEGISLATION OF SOME FOREIGN COUNTRIES Zhilyaev Rustam Muhamedovich Strogovich Yuri N. FEATURES PREVENTION OF DRINKING INMATES IN PRISONS Loseva Svetlana N. Prevention of extremist crimes: problems and ways to solve them Teppeev Alan Atlyevich CONTROL OVER FINANCING TERRORIST GROUP AS A PREVENTIVE MEASURE IN THE FIGHT AGAINST TERRORISM Shamaev Artur Muradinovich THE PERPETRATOR OF THE CRIME AS A SPECIAL KIND OF PARTNER IN CRIMINAL LAW: THE PROBLEM OF QUALIFICATION Shogenov Anzor Mukhamedovich INTERNATIONAL LEGAL MECHANISMS FOR COMBATING TORTURE AND THEIR IMPLEMENTATION IN RUSSIAN CRIMINAL LEGISLATION Zhurtov Astemir Bilyalovich 8. Criminal procedure Concept and types of coercive measures Kharzinova Violetta Mukhametdinovna THE RIGHT OF PARTICIPANTS IN PRE-TRIAL PROCEEDINGS REVIEW AND ASSURANCE AT THE STAGE OF PREPARATION TO A JUDICIAL SESSION Kripinevich Svetlana S. 9. International law; European Law Main directions of cooperation in the nuclear industry within the framework of international regional integration associations with the participation of the Russian Federation Lizikova Marina Sergeevna 10. Judicial, prosecutorial, human rights and law enforcement activities ON THE UPDATE OF SOME PROVISIONS OF THE LEGISLATION OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION ABOUT SHIPBUILDING Chibisov Evgeny Valerievich IMPROVING THE ORGANIZATION OF PROSECUTOR'S SUPERVISION OVER THE ACTIVITIES OF PRELIMINARY INVESTIGATION BODIES Kolomoets Igor Ivanovich SOME OF THE APPLICATION OF AN INTEGRATED INTERDISCIPLINARY TRAINING IN THE TRAINING OF POLICE OFFICERS Tokbaev Ayub Amerbievich 11. Forensics; Forensic expertise; Operational and search activities Peculiarities of the search of criminal cases related to illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their analogues Borodkina Tatiana N. Zherelina Olga Nikolaevna THE INTERDEPENDENCE OF THE INVESTIGATION AND COUNTER THE INVESTIGATION OF CRIMES Makeeva K. V. METHODOLOGY OF INVESTIGATION OF CRIMES AGAINST ORGANIZED CRIME Kuashev Alim Aouesovich 12. Information Law ON TOPICAL ISSUES OF INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION IN COUNTERACTION TO EXTREMISM AND TERRORISM MANIFESTATIONS IN THE INTERNET-SPACE Burayeva Lyudmila A. Shkhagapsoyev Zaurbi L. Information terrorism is a global threat to the world community Tutukov Albert Yurievich Gelyakhova Leyla Abdullakhovna 13. Administrative law; Administrative process NORMATIVE LEGAL ACTS OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION REGULATING THE FORMATION, CONTENT AND IMPLEMENTATION OF THE EXTERNAL POLICY OF THE STATE Pavlyuk Albert Valentinovich Problems of Administrative Expulsion (on the example of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic) Kodzokova Lyatsa Arsenievna Motion to dismiss the case on an administrative offense Kodzokova Lyatsa Arsenievna ILLEGAL REMUNERATION ON BEHALF OF A LEGAL ENTITY" AS AN ADMINISTRATIVE OFFENSE: HISTORY AND PERSPECTIVE Khutuev Valery Arturovich 14. Civil procedure arbitration procedure TO THE QUESTION OF INCREASING THE CREDIBILITY OF THE MEDIATORS Pasikova Tatyana A. Ryabus Olesya Aleksandrovna 15. MONOGRAPH REVIEWS AND STUDY GUIDES Review of the monograph "Institute of Administrative Responsibility" prepared under the editorship of the Head of the Department of Public Administration of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Candidate of Legal Sciences, Associate Professor S.G. Kamolov Dregnin Oleg E. Review of the textbook "Legal Status of Internal Affairs Bodies in the Russian Federation" E.A. Kirillova, Candidate of Legal Sciences, Associate Professor of the Civil Law Chair, Southwestern State University in Kursk Dregnin Oleg E. 16. OTHER FORMATION OF COMMUNICATIVE COMPETENCE OF EMPLOYEES OF INTERNAL ORGANIZATIONS WITH ACCOUNT OF MODERN PSYCHOTECHNOLOGIES Gelyakhova Leyla Abdullakhovna Mashekuasheva Margarita Khasanbievna PECULIARITIES OF PROFILING USAGE IN PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITY OF LAW ENFORCEMENT EMPLOYEES Gelyakhova Leyla Abdullakhovna Mashekuasheva Margarita Khasanbievna