Gaps in Russian Legislation

Issue №6 2017
Issue №6 2017
ISSN: 2072-3164 (print)       ISSN 2310-7049 (online) РИНЦ Pages: 1-377
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1. SCIENTIFIC SCHOOL OF DOCTOR OF SCIENCE, PROFESSOR LOPASHENKO N.A. Academic School of professor N.A. Lopashenko Golikova Arina Vladimirovna Scale of risks of migration processes criminality Lopashenko Natalia Alexandrovna On some problems of determination social danger of the crime provided by article 1101 of the Criminal Code Bairamkulov Asker Magometovich Kovlagina Darya Aleksandrovna REVISITING THE NON-CASH FINANCES AS A CRIME TARGET Korepanova Elena Aleksandrovna THE AGE OF INSANTY: VALUE, CONTENT, REASON Shunyaeva Vera A. Fraud in the field of entrepreneurship in the wording 2016: was another attempt of the legislator successful? Kudryavtsev Andrey Gennad`evich ADMINISTRATIVE PREJUDICE IN THE CRIMINAL LAW: PROBLEMS OF ACTS (DE)CRIMINALIZATION AND THIER INSIGNIFICANCE Yanina Irina Yur’evna Nechaev Alexey Dmitrievich Non-crime postcriminal behavior, Predisposing subject Anoshchenkova Svetlana Vladislavovna Orekhov Nikita Dmitrievich On the issue of improving the activities for the return of assets derived from corruption offences Plokhov Sergey Vladimirovich THE HISTORICAL AND LEGAL ANALYSIS OF DEVELOPMENT OF THE SOFTENING CIRCUMSTANCES IN THE PRE-REVOLUTIONARY RIGHT OF RUSSIA XIII-XVIII Ebzeeva Zulfia Azretaliyevna ABOUT CRIMINALIZING CERTAIN ACTS ON THE BASIS OF THEIR REPETITION IN CERTAIN TIME LIMITS Aitova Olesia Fanilevna 2. Constitutional law; Constitutional judicial process; Municipal law RESOLUTION OF DISPUTES ON COMPETENCE AS THE AUTHORITY OF THE CONSTITUTIONAL COURT Polovchenko Konstantin A. POLITICAL RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS IN THE CONSTITUTION OF SERBIA 2006 Polovchenko Konstantin A. Limits of public administration by electoral process in the Russian Federation Chistoborodov Ilya Grigorievich Cross-border cooperation: legal framework and especially in the circumstances of Russian federalism Logvinova Inna V. THE INSTITUTION OF LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STATE Kirillova Elena A. Zherelina Olga Nikolaevna ELECTORAL LEGISLATION OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION ON PUBLIC AUTHORITIES PARTICIPATION IN THE ORGANIZATION AND ELECTION Larkina Anna Petrovna EVOLUTION OF THE ELECTORAL LEGISLATION OF THE REPUBLIC OF MORDOVIA Maslovskaya Mariya Vladilenovna THE RIGHT TO PROTEST AS A FORM OF CIVIL SOCIETY ACTIVISM Zeynalbrieva Anna Vasilievna 3. Theory and history of law and state; History of law and State teachings MORDVINIAN CUSTOMARY LAW (IN THE MATERIALS OF THE EPARCHIAL VEDOMOSTS OF THE SECOND HALF OF THE XIX CENTURY) Sushkova Yulia Nikolaevna PROBLEMS OF DEVELOPMENT OF MEDIATION IN RUSSIA Hudoykina Tatyana Victorovna About the legal essence of supranational and federal powers Eremin Alexey R. Romaykin Ivan A. PECULIARITIES OF THE LEGAL STATUS OF THE INDIVIDUAL UNDER THE CONSTITUTION OF SERBIA 1888 Polovchenko Konstantin A. A CHARACTERISTIC OF THE SUPREME COURT OF THE MASSR IN 1948 Lezina Elena P. Bochkareva Svetlana V. Vikhlyaeva Maria Yuryevna COMPARATIVE-LEGAL ANALYSIS OF THE MURDER AS A CRIME AGAINST THE PERSONALITY UNDER THE LEGISLATION OF THE ANCIENT PEACE AND A NEW TIME Gerasimova Nadia Rashidovna Ogrina Maria Vladimirovna PREVENTION OF CONFLICTS IN LAW ENFORCEMENT ACTIVITIES OF THE STATE: PROFESSIONAL ETHICS REQUIREMENTS Kuptsova Olga V. THEORETICAL-LEGAL ASPECTS OF THE PUBLIC DIPLOMACY OF FINNO-UGRIC NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS Nemechkin Vasilii Nikolaevich LEGAL UNCERTAINTY IN THE REGULATION OF REALTOR ACTIVITY Sukhov Eduard V. INTERNATIONAL AND RUSSIAN NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS IN THE SYSTEM OF LEGAL SELF-PROTECTION Uzdimaeva Natalya I. LEGAL REGIME AS A GENERAL THEORETICAL LEGAL CATEGORY Khokhlova Elena Mikhailovna THE ESSENCE OF GENERAL-THEORETICAL LEGAL SCIENCE Meleshko Olga Petrovna AN INTEGRATIVE CONCEPT OF LEGAL CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE MODERN RUSSIAN LEGAL SCIENCE Meleshko Olga Petrovna Legal practice: historical legal aspect Efimova Olga Alexandrovna THEORETICAL BASES OF THE CONCEPT OF TOLERANCE Panchenko Kirill Sergeevich Features of formation of sources of the Soviet law Popadopulo Leonid Nikolaevich On forms of the exercise of the functions of the state Solonchenko A.A. 4. CIVIL LAW, INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LAW, HOUSING LAW, FAMILY LAW, CIVIL PROCEDURE, ARBITRATION PROCESS CONTRACTUAL METHODS OF DISPOSAL OF THE EXCLUSIVE RIGHT TO COPYRIGHT WORKS Shatkovskaya Tatiana V. Epifanova Tatiana V. Korsakova T.I. TO THE QUESTION ABOUT THE SYSTEM OF LAW: PROBLEMS OF CONVERGENCE OF PRIVATE AND PUBLIC LAW Bogdan Varvara V. Manukyan Artak Rostomovich Alimov Anton A. Features of insurance of agricultural entrepreneurial risks Shilovskaya Anna L. Lenkovskaya Renata Romanovna Genesis absentia (historical stages) Gridneva O. V. Shapovalov D. A. Consideration of disputes by the courts on the rights of the child Nesterova Tatyana I. Civil-legal nature of the consequences of signing smart contracts Rodionova Olga M. Abuse of personal rights: terms and conditions Ulbashev Alim Khuseynovich Competition of types of legal proceedings: civil and administrative Velichko Mikhail Borisovich The evolution of roommate's rights at various stages of development of land relations Syubaeva Julia D. THE LEGAL REGULATION´S DEVELOPMENT OF THE INSTITUTION OF CONSENT IN CIVIL LAW Zimina Maria U. Problems of determination assigning responsibility and jurisdiction for debates about protection securities owners' rights Yurkova Evgeniya V. Civil legal personality of minors: legal regulation and main problems Vyhvaten Elena Nikolaevna 5. Employment Law; Right to social security; Land law; Natural resource law; Environmental law; TO THE GUESTION ABOUT THE DIFFICULTIES OF IMPLEMENTING THE EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS OF THE PROPRIETOR ON ACGUISITION OF LAND Malysheva Anzhelika Viktorovna The realization of the right to health protection and free medical care in the framework of the reform of the health system Russia Egorova Diana Vladimirivna 6. Criminal; Criminal enforcement law Exemption from criminal liability with the appointment of a judicial fine in the legislation of foreign countries Poluektov Andrey Georgiyevich Rastoropov Sergey Vladimirovich Enabling competition to apply the rules on exemption from criminal liability Anoshchenkova Svetlana Vladislavovna Petrikova Svetlana Vasilievna PECULIARITIES OF ESTABLISHING CAUSAL CONNECTION ON CASES ON VIOLATION OF RULES OF ROAD TRAFFIC AND EXPLOITATION OF MEANS OF TRANSPORT Cheburenkov Alexander A. Korovin Dmitry Gennadievich LEGAL AND TECHNICAL FLAWS IN THE CONSTRUCTION OF LIABILITY RULES FOR SEXUAL CRIMES Gusarova Maria Viktorovna Improvement of criminal law measures aimed at effective fight against corruption Petrasheva Natalya V. Vakulenko Natalia Alexeevna RESPONSIBILITY FOR MURDER OF THE MOTHER OF A NEWBORN CHILD: QUESTIONS OF THEORY AND PRACTICE Pomnina Svetlana Nikolaevna ANALYSIS OF THE TYPICAL CRIMINAL SITUATIONS THE IN INVESTIGATION OF ILLEGAL ENTERPRISE Shlyapnikov Yuri V. The countermeasures for illegal usage of insider information Rastoropova Diana Sergeevna To a question about the subjects of execution of the decision of exemption from criminal sanction the appointment of court fine Poluektov Andrey Georgiyevich Crimes against life and health, committed by convicts in penitentiary institutions: practical-oriented classification and concept Unterov Vladimir Anatolievich On some issues of discussion of the notion of "punishments not connected with isolation from society" Golberg Kristina Aleksandrovna 6. Criminology A COMPREHENSIVE LAW IN THE SYSTEM OF LEGAL REGULATION OF COMBATING ORGANIZED CRIME Belotserkovsky Sergey Dmitrievich On some directions of optimization of the legislation on the fight organized crime Belotserkovsky Sergey Dmitrievich OPTIMIZING CRIMINAL-EXECUTIVE LEGISLATION IN THE CONTEXT OF OPTIMIZATION OF THE SYSTEM OF LEGAL REGULATION OF COMBATING ORGANIZED CRIME Belotserkovsky Sergey Dmitrievich Stalking: syndrome of obsessive persecution Storublenkova Elena Gennadievna Samutkin Vyacheslav Leonidovich The statistical characteristic of thefts in the Russian Federation Storublenkova Elena Gennadievna Yerin Evgeny Nikolaevich Some features of victims of crimes that encroach on freedom of conscience Kazantseva Natalia Valerievna Chervonnykh Elena Valerievna 8. Criminal procedure Peculiarities of preliminary investigation of criminal cases of a crime under Art. 264.1 of the Criminal Code «Violation of traffic rules by a person subject to administrative punishment» Novikova Ekaterina Anatolyevna Volchenko Anastasiya Vladimirovna Aleksandrov Aleksandr N. Cherkasova Elena Anatolyevna VIOLATIONS OF THE CRIMINAL PROCEDURE LAW ALLOWED BY PROFESSIONAL PARTICIPANTS OF CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS Sotkova Vasilina V. Kalinkina Lyubov Danilovna PETITION OF A DEFENSE ATTORNEY FOR THE RECOGNITION OF EVIDENCE IS INADMISSIBLE IN PROCEEDINGS IN JURY TRIALS Firsov Sergey Nikolaevich. Sotkova Vasilina V. Kalinkina Lyubov Danilovna Comparative legal analysis of the current criminal procedural legislation of the Russian Federation and criminal procedure legislation of foreign countries on certain issues of jury trials Shigurova Elena I. ESTABLISHMENT OF MOTIVATION OF CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR IN MINORS Kurmaeva Natalia Anatolievna THE JUDICIAL INVESTIGATION UNDER THE CRIMINAL CASE ON APPEAL: THE PROBLEMS OF LEGISLATIVE REGULATION AND PRACTICAL REALIZATION Sukhova Olga A. Actual problems of detention of a suspect in the commission of a crime, the person and the problem of placing him in a temporary detention facility during a preliminary investigation Afaunov Anzor Hasanbievich To the question about the normative understanding of principles of justice Tsatsalov O.O. 9. Forensics; Forensic expertise; Operational and search activities Criminal law estimation of acts of the alleged accomplice of a crime during conduct of operational investigative activities Shkabin Gennadiy Sergeevich ON THE QUESTION OF THE SUBJECT OF CRIMINALISTICS Pleshakov Sergey Mikhailovich DETERMINING THE DEGREE AND TYPE OF WEAR OF THE TIRE TREAD PATTERN DURING THE PRELIMINARY EXAMINATION OF THE TRACKS AT THE SITE OF THE ROAD ACCIDENT Syromlya Larisa Borisovna 10. Judicial, prosecutorial, human rights and law enforcement activities CRITERIA AND THRESHOLD VALUES OF ECONOMIC SAFETY Kochesokova Zalina Khazratalievna THE NECESSITY FOR AN ESTIMATIVE AND CRITERIAL RUSSIAN EXPERIENCE IN ORGANIZING ANTI-TERRORIST ACTIVITIES IN THE NORTH CAUCASUS FEDERAL DISTRICT Zhivaev Ivan Victorovich Prosecutor supervision in the system of modern state protection of the orphans rights and children left without parental care Sybankulov Ernat 11. International law; European Law Legal framework of military-political cooperation in the Union State Kurbanov Rashad Afatovich Zhigulich Valeriya Stanislavovna Belyalova Asiya Midikhatovna Legal cooperation of Russia and Finland: problems of realization and development prospects Grigorieva Olga G. PROTECTION OF ENVIRONMENTAL RIGHTS IN THE EUROPEAN COURT ON HUMAN RIGHTS UNDER THE CONFORMITY WITH ARTICLE 8 OF THE CONVENTION ON THE PROTECTION OF HUMAN RIGHTS AND FUNDAMENTAL FREEDOMS Fomina Liliya Yu. 12. Financial law; Tax law; Budgetary law; Administrative law; Administrative process Problematic aspects of activities of the traffic police of the MIA of Russia in the identification of crimes under article 264.1 of the criminal code Tyryshkin Viktor Vladimirovich Mukabenov Mingian Valerievich Granting subsidies to business units: problems of legal regulation Opanasenko Anton Sergeevich ADMINISTRATIVE PRE-DIALOGUE WITH VIOLATION OF THE RULES OF ROAD TRAFFIC Lyubimova Galina Mikhailovna 13. OTHER MODERN APPROACHES TO THE ANALYSIS OF PROFESSIONAL PEDAGOGICAL THINKING Kurashinova Anzhela Khafanovna Shkhagapsoeva Marianna Khasanovna