History and Modern Perspectives

Issue №2 2022
Issue №2 2022
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DEBATING ISSUES OF HISTORY To the problem of new industrialization and evolution of technological modes in the Urals. Part 1. Primary Practices
DOI: 10.33693/2658-4654-2022-4-2-12-19

Litovskiy Vladimir V. HISTORY OF RUSSIA Transformation of Individual Peasant Farms in the Ural Region on the Eve and in the Initial Period of Collectivization Filatov Vladimir V. Chess Sport in the First Years of Soviet Power: From Amateur Hobbies to the Organized Movement of Intellectuals Demchik Evgeniya V. Gorovoy Anatoly S. The State of Labor Protection at Defense Enterprises in Wartime Conditions (1941-1945) Potemkina Marina N. Zharkynbayeva Roza S. The Sverdlovsk Railway in 1941-1945: Transition to Military Rails Speransky Andrey V. Creating a Food Base around the Industrial Centers of the USSR during the Great Patriotic War
DOI: 10.33693/2658-4654-2022-4-2-54-58

Motrevich Vladimir P. SOCIOCULTURAL COMMUNICATIONS IN THE PAST AND PRESENT The Press as a Source of Studying the Visual Heritage of Soviet Everyday Life Trofimov Andrey V. Klinova Marina A. HISTORY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY The Results of Reforms in the Field of Training Highly Qualified Personnel in the Late XX- Early XXI Century: Scientific Personnel Zaitseva Ekaterina V. Zapariy Vladimir V. Asryan Garry G. On the Issue of the Capacity of Industrial Landscapes (Based on the Material of the Charcoal Metallurgy of the Urals of the Late XIX - Early XX Centuries)
DOI: 10.33693/2658-4654-2022-4-2-76-84

Shumkin Georgy N. Games of the World Behind the Scenes: Views of the Jurist P. S. Romashkin Sushkova Iuliia N. History of the Scientific Rationale of the «Telemedicine» Concept: Professor K.T. Bird’s Research Group Contribution
DOI: 10.33693/2658-4654-2022-4-2-95-103

Vladzymyrskyy Anton V. HISTORIOGRAPHY Motrevich Vladimir Pavlovich: A Historiographical Portrait. To the 70th Anniversary of his Birth Kamynin Vladimir D. Anglo-American Historiography on the Legal Basis of the Activities of British Companies in Russia in 1892-1914 Bobrova Irina V. DEBATING ISSUES OF GENERAL HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS Attitude of the US Congress to the Nuclear Disarmament of Kazakhstan (1991-2001) Alexandrov Stanislav N. The Influence of Ostalgia and the Existence of the GDR on the Political and Social Agenda of Germany Bardin Georgii E. Turkism in the Building of the Turkish Nation and its Influence on Sino-Turkish Relations
DOI: 10.33693/2658-4654-2022-4-2-141-147

Tao Jinghong REVIEWS Genesis and Transformation of the Elite of the Moscow State. Review of the Monograph: Benetsianov M. M. the Service Elites of the Moscow State. Formation, Status, Integration. XV-XVI Centuries - Moscow: Tsentrpoligraf, 2021. - 254 p. - (The Latest Research on the History of Russia) Shishkin Igor G. Shishkina Svetlana Y. Review of the publication Boris Vasilyevich Lichman (1946-2020). Biobibliographic reference book. // Compiled by V.V. Zapariy, V.D. Kamynin, L.N. Martyushov, V.P. Motrevich, S.A. Nefedov, A.V. Speransky, G.N. Shaposhnikov. -Yekaterinburg. 2022. -56 p Zaitseva Ekaterina V.