History and Modern Perspectives

Issue №1 2022
Issue №1 2022
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DEBATING ISSUES OF GENERAL HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS The Seven Unknown. Experience of Personality Attribution and Reconstruction of Biographies of Officers Shown on Photographs of the Period of the Civil War in Russia
DOI: 10.33693/2658-4654-2022-4-1-9-14

Emelyanov Alexandr V. Silchenko Ivan S. Centralization of Military Awards the Red Army after the End of the Civil War (1922-1933) Запарий Владимир Васильевич Shunyakov Dmitry V. Climate Policy of the United States: Features of Evolution and the Current State Kovalev Yuri Yu. SOCIOCULTURAL COMMUNICATIONS IN THE PAST AND PRESENT Worldview Reasons for the Evolution of the Image of the Past (XIX-XXI Centuries) Gerasimov Grigory I. Birthing Rites and Traditions of the Mordovian People: Past and Present Narvatova Maria A. Mokshina Elena N. The Role of a Person in History (On the Example of Kangxi and Peter I) Sun Changde HISTORY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY University Education through the Prism of Decades: The Experience of Studying History Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University Запарий Владимир Васильевич Historical Education in Russia at the Turning Point of Epochs (Based on the Materials of the Gorky Ural State University) Kamynin Vladimir D. Expansion of Sowing Area and Change in the Structure of Crops in the Initial Period Great Patriotic War (By the Materials of the Decisions of the SNK of the USSR) Motrevich Vladimir P. REVIEWS «Bread at Any Price...» (Book Review: Motrevich V. P. Contribution to Victory: Agriculture of the Urals during the Great Patriotic War. - Yekaterinburg: Alfa Print, 2021. - 700 p. - ISBN 978-5-907502-20-8) Запарий Владимир Васильевич