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Issue №4 2014
Issue №4 2014
ISSN: 1816-921X (print)       2310-7030 (online) Pages: 1-177
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1. Theory and history of law and state; History of law and State teachings ABOUT THE STARTING ISSUE SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE OF LAW Bekbaev Erzat Zeynullaevich Security measures as legal category Katkov Evgeniy Aleksandrovich Some aspects of the unification of the concept of "potentially dangerous and critical facilities" Strokin Valentin Vasilievich 2. CIVIL LAW, HOUSING LAW, FAMILY LAW, INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LAW GENERAL CHARACTERISTIC AND REALIZATION FEATURES THE RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF PARENTS FOR EDUCATION OF MINOR CHILDREN IN THE FAMILY LEGISLATION OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Burdo Evgeniy Petrovich DISPUTES BETWEEN PARENTS ABOUT REALIZATION OF THE RIGHT FOR EDUCATION OF MINOR CHILDREN AT THEIR SEPARATE ACCOMMODATION Burdo Evgeniy Petrovich 3. Criminal law and criminology; Criminal enforcement law Legal regulation ofthe applicationof compulsory medical measuresto minors: Realities and prospects for improving Scripchenco Nina Y. On the practice of criminal investigation of crimes in the area of banking Lysenko Vyacheslav Vyacheslavovich CRIMINAL LIABILITY FOR ILLEGAL ORGANIZATION AND ARRANGEMENT OF GAMBLING UNDER THE LEGISLATION OF CIS COUNTRIES Naumenko Olga Petrovna 4. Constitutional law; Constitutional judicial process; Municipal law International legal frame work for ensuring human rights and freedoms in the Russian Federation Ignatov Evgeny Aleksandrovich Special Constitutional and legal status of the procuracy and special nature of the prosecution authorities Savelov Michail Alekseevitch 5. Judicial, prosecutorial, human rights and law enforcement activities IMPROVING RUSSIAN LEGISLATION IN SOFTWARE SECURITY MIGRATION Lyannoy Vladimir A. Protection of the rights and legitimate interests of victims of crimes as the appointment of contemporary criminal justice Shiryaeva Tatiana Ivanovna Some ways of improvement of prosecutorial supervision of execution of laws in the field of forest conservation and protection Shersneva Ekaterina Yuryevna 6. LAND AND PROPERTY RELATIONS The concept of the notarial form certificate transactions with the land: general provisions Lukina Veronika Vladimirovna 7. Forensics; Forensic expertise; Operational and search activities About adversarial form of Criminal Procedure and Evidence using «electronic evidence» Pastukhov Pavel Sisoevich 8. Employment Law; Right to social security THE LEGISLATION ON WORK OF THE PERSONS WORKING OUTSIDE THE PLACE OF LOCATION OF THE EMPLOYER (HISTORY AND MODERNITY) Borodina Elena Nikolaevna The ways of the order of grant of the annual basic paid vacations perfection in the legislation of Russian Federation Mammadov Shamsi Vahid oglu 9. CRIMES IN THE SPHERE OF ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES FINANCIAL CONTROL IN SYSTEM OF MEASURES OF THE PREVENTION ECONOMIC CRIMES AGAINST PROPERTY Kazakov A. Ya. 10. LEGAL SUPPORT OF ENTREPRENEURIAL ACTIVITIES Legal value of ranking regions in terms of public-private partnership Petyukova Oksana Nikolaevna Rights and duties buyer of shares Artyukhin Andrey N. Joint-stock corporation manager as the employer representative for social partnership relations Kabanov Andrey V. Specific nature of subject of crude oil and petrochemicals supply agreement Galkina Natalia M. Legal description of the dominant position of an economic entity in the commodity market Galimkhanova Nellie Fidratovna 11. GAPS IN THE LAW, INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC LAW Exploration and development of hydrocarbon resources in the Arctic Barents Sea Yeremeyev Eduard Andreevich The Riyadh Arab Agreement for Judicial Cooperation: Specificity of the Region Shiyapova Dariya I. Application lex constructionis for the regulation of international construction contracts in Russia Novoselov Mikhail Alexandrovich 12. Administrative law; Administrative process, Information Law Actual issues of legal regulation of access to information in Russia and abroad Melnichuk Maria Alexandrovna 13. OTHER Features valuable sphere of non-violent self-serving criminals person Bazanova Alexandra I. Simonova Natalya N. Korneeva Yana A. 14. ECONOMICS AND NATIONAL ECONOMY MANAGEMENT, ENTREPRENEURSHIP, MARKETING, MANAGEMENT The proposals for direction of scientific and technological development of the aerospace industry Anfimova Maria Laura Igorevna Panov Dmitry V. The role of information and communication technologies in management of high-tech industry enterprises in the context of economic globalization Chursin Alexander A. Milkovski Alexandr G. Using brands in communities of value added Sorokin Pavel M. 15. FINANCE, CASH CIRCULATION AND CREDIT, ACCOUNTING, FINANCIAL AND ECONOMIC FORECASTING City economy: the past and the present in understanding of sources of the income of the city-forming enterprises (on the example of the Nizhnekamsk industrial region of the Republic of Tatarstan) Gryzunova N. V. Skvortsova A. F. RISK COMPONENT OF PROFESSIONAL JUDGMENT OF AN ACCOUNTANT Andreyeva Svetlana Vladimirovna Systemic approach for assessment of projects based on public-private partnership Anfimova Maria Kristina I. 16. INNOVATION AND INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT Strategic alternatives to enhance the competitiveness of native small innovative enterprises Reshetov Konstantin Yu. On the question of some aspects of assessment of projects efficiency in high-tech industries Daniluk Alexandr U. Ostrovskaya Anna A. Chursin Rostislav A. 17. ECONOMIC SECURITY IMPORT SUBSTITUTION WITH DOMESTIC PRODUCTS − THE GOAL OF THE RUSSIAN ECONOMY AND THE REALITY OF ITS RAPID IMPLEMENTATION Odess Vladimir I. The essence and the role of financial-economic provision of the Armed Forces in the system of ensuring military security of Russia Moroz Vladimir Dmitrievich Gribakina Natalia Alekseevna Skrynchenko Boris Leonidovich 18. Economic Theory MATHEMATICAL MODEL OF COLLECTIVE RISK INSURANCE COMPANY Ramazanova Djamilya Islanbegovna 19. OTHER Life-insurance in the system of protecting from social risks Kechutkina Ekaterina Application of the Foresight and road mapping methodologies in publishing Butusov Oleg Mikhailovich Set of indicators characterizing the private entrepreneurs to risk ratio Makridenko Yevgeny L. Roslyakov R. A. Baldin Konstantin V.