Business in Law

Issue №3 2013
Issue №3 2013
ISSN: 1816-921X (print)       2310-7030 (online) Pages: 1-183
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1. CIVIL LAW, HOUSING LAW, FAMILY LAW LEGISLATIVE CHRONICLE ABOUT THE LEGAL STATUS OF ILLEGITIMATE CHILDREN Cherkashina Natalia Valierevna The ratio of transport legislation and legislation on consumer protection Garaev Eldar Sui generis as an intellectual property right Malinovskaya I.N. Questions deprivation or limitation of parental rights − the problem of the basic guarantees of the rights of the child Shangareev AnvarTagirovich 2. Criminal law and criminology; Criminal enforcement law Crimes against archeological heritage: conception, features, forms, peculiarities of qualification (beginning) Klebanov Lev R. The time of crime commission: the problems of decisions Platonova Tatyana Anatolevna The place of bribery of participants and organizers of professional sports in the Special Part of the Criminal Code of Russia Izotov Denis Nicolaevich About private, personal and family secret in criminal procedure Karapetyan A. 3. LEGAL SUPPORT OF ENTREPRENEURIAL ACTIVITIES CONTENT OF SUBCONTRACTS IN THE SPHERE OF TRANSFER OF PROPERTY FOR TEMPORARY POSSESSION AND USE Ognev Vladimir Nikodimovich PROBLEMS OF BUSINESS CONTRACTS’ CONCLUSION BY WAY OF ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS EXCHANGE IN UKRAINIAN E-COMMERCE Burylo Yuriy Pavlovich The joint exercise control over the debtor by several persons Nikolaev A. Features of interrogation of individuals in the investigation of pseudo-business Rzayeva Gulnaz 4. GAPS IN THE LAW, INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC LAW, INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LAW Protection of human rights and freedoms: the problem of implementation of international obligations by States Osaveluk E. A. Advantages of the Swiss Jurisdiction for Inheritance Assets Management Magomedov Marad The problem of terrorism financing, measures to counter it and its international legal regulation Vahrushev Gregoriy Evgenievich 5. Judicial, prosecutorial, human rights and law enforcement activities TO THE QUESTION ABOUT THE «TREE» OF OBJECTIVES OF THE PROSECUTOR'S SUPERVISION AT THE STAGE OF EXCITATION OF CRIMINAL CASE Agutin A. V. TO THE QUESTION OF THE PARADIGM OF THE ORGANIZATION OF PROSECUTOR'S SUPERVISION Agutin A. V. Current trends in the legal and statistical control of discipline in the internal affairs of the Russian Federation Streltsov Vladimir Viktorovich An analysis of the current state of protection of honor, dignity and business reputation of the Russian Interior Ministry officers Bathaev Viacheslav Vasilevich 6. Administrative law; Administrative process, Information Law COMPARATIVE AND LEGAL RESEARCH OF CORRUPTION’S CONCEPT Ilyakov Alexander Dmitrievich ACTIVITY GUARANTEES OF SOCIAL ORGANIZATIONS IN UKRAINE: THEORETICAL AND LEGAL ASPECTS Merkulova Ekaterina Alexandrovna 7. Civil procedure arbitration procedure Implementation of decisions of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation in connection with review of judicial decisions on new circumstances or newly discovered facts Botashev Ruslan Yurievich 8. OTHER Individual issues of improving the training and certification of highly qualified scientific personal and graduate students in the Russian Federation Mazur Sergey F. The state and the young people in modern Russia Kuznetsova Christina Features of the analysis and assessment of a condition of office discipline in territorial bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Streltsov Vladimir Viktorovich 9. ECONOMICS AND NATIONAL ECONOMY MANAGEMENT, ENTREPRENEURSHIP, MARKETING, MANAGEMENT Integration of higher school, science and operations on the basis ofprivate-public partnership Salnikova T. S. Honchev M. A. Volkova N. M. Development of the state corporate economy in Russia Antonov Igor Yu. Organizational and methodological ensuring of ecological management as a factor of sustainable development Orlova A. F. Gavlovskaya Galina V. Place, role and state functions in regulation of a reproduction cycle of business activity Mudunov A. S. Lukyanchikov E. N. Matisov A. A. Impact of global transformation on function and dysfunction of management of economic reproduction process Larionov I. K. Korotyaevf M.N. Afonin S. E. Specifics of economic crisis mechanism in Higher school and private-public partnership Volkova N. M. Gerasina O. N. Matnenko N. N. To a problem of formation of the mechanism of system crisis of industrial reproduction process Malishev Evgeniy V. Gerasina O. N. Shmelev Y. S. Character of the competitive environment of the Russian industry during implementation of radical market reforms Gerasin A. N. Popov Y. A. Mezjakov O. A. Key decisions in portfolio brand management Khizhina Anastasia Mikhajlovna THE MANAGEMENT OF CREDITRISK AND LIQUIDITY RISKIN THE ACTIVITIES OF PRIVATE PENSION FUNDS Khmyrov Vyacheslav Victorovich Legislative aspects of forest lease rights valuation Frankevich Lyubov Nikolaevna 11. INNOVATION AND INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT National innovative systems: international practice Gavlovskaya Galina V. Mesoeconomic regularities of innovative development of the industrial enterprise in modern conditions of managing Afonin S. E. Zlatin P. A. Vishnyakov A. Objectively caused dependence of innovative development of the industry on system of economic conditions and preconditions Gerasina Yu. A. Shakshaev R. Y. Grishina L. S. The development of innovation infrastructure as a factor of sustainable economic development of the country Dubrovsky Vladimir Vladimirovich 12. ECONOMIC SECURITY Decriminalization of economic relations in the economic security of the Russian agricultural sector Panin Dmitriy Aleksandrovich