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Belikova Ksenia M. Dr. Sci. (Law), Professor, Professor of the Department of Civil Law and Process and International Private Law of the Law Institute
Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University)
Moscow, Russian Federation Badaeva Natalia V. kandidat yuridicheskih nauk, docent, docent kafedry grazhdanskogo prava i processa i mezhdunarodnogo chastnogo prava
Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University), Institute of Law
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The article touches upon the issue of legal qualification of human tissues as objects of property rights based on the approach of South African legal order. It was chosen because SA had and still has significant achievements in the field of science and technology, and now legal framework of relations arising from legalization of removal and withdrawal of human tissues is being systematically establish. The study is based on such methods of scientific knowledge as general scientific dialectics, history and comparative legal analysis. The very formulation of the question of the legality of the recognition of ownership on human tissues that can be exercised by any persons (entities) is not new. Novelty of the research consists in the thinking on this issue on the materials of SA legal order and examples of other jurisdictions. It is concluded that SA approach is similar to that of Russian doctrine and legislation.
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Belikova K.M., Badaeva N.V., (2019), LEGAL QUALIFICATION OF HUMAN TISSUES AS OBJECTS OF PROPERTY RIGHTS: APPROACHES OF SOUTH AFRICA. Economic Problems and Legal Practice, 3 => 154-158.
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