The objective party of crimes, before the seen part 1 of article 291.1 of the criminal code of Russian Federation
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Sidorenko Eugene Alehandrovich aspirant. Podrazdelenie: kafedra ugolovno-pravovyh disciplin. Mesto ucheby: Mezhdunarodnyy Yuridicheskiy Institut. Dolzhnost: Starshiy gosudarstvennyy nalogovyy inspektor, sotrudnik yuridicheskogo otdela.
Federal Tax Service Inspection №18 city of Moscow
In article questions of the party of mediation in bribery, including its such components as are considered: history of development of mediation in bribery, approaches to understanding of mediation in bribery, types of the acts making essence of mediation in bribery, the points of view of scientists on these types, offers on the formulation of a disposition of this article, etc. Task. Disclosure of objective sings of structures of the crimes provided by part 1 of article 291.1 of the criminal code of Russian Federation. Model. Methodological basis of research is the dialectic method of knowledge of the phenomena and the processes of reality assuming their studying in continuous development, close interrelation and interdependence. In process it is investigated set of general scientific methods of the research: comparison, the analysis, synthesis, comparative and legal and other methods . Conclusions. According to the competitor, bribe transfer at the request of the briber has to be qualified under article 291 of the criminal code of Russian Federation. The author’s formulation of part 1 of article 291 of the criminal code of Russian Federation is offered: «Mediation in bribery, i.e. assistance in achievement or implementation of the agreement between the briber and the bribetaker about receiving and bribery - is punished…» It is offered to exclude from the text of the criminal law part 5 of article 291.1 of the criminal code of Russian Federation, providing criminal liability for the promise or the mediation offer in bribery as application of measures of criminal and legal impact on stages of detection of intention is inadmissible. Practical value. Consists in possibility of use of provisions, conclusions and recommendations for change of norms criminal legislations, the solution of the problems arising at qualification of crimes, of the criminal code of Russian Federation provided by articles 290 and 291.1., development of methodical recommendations for bodies of preliminary investigation ad court concerning qualification of receiving a bribe. Originality/value. The offers prepared by the competitor and recommendations are used in practical activities of divisions of an economic security and corruption counteraction at Main Department of Internal Affairs of the city of Moscow, in scientific activity of the ALL-Russian Research Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, educational process.
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intermediation in bribery, the objective side, receiving a bribe personally or through the intermediary, direct transfer of a bribe subject, contribution in reaching the agreement on receiving bribery, facilitate in the implementation of the agreement on the bribe.

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