To the question of applying an integrated approach to solving criminal law problems
( Pp. 103-104)

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Manukyan Aline Romanovna Police Colonel, Cand.Sci.(Pedagogics), Associate Professor of the Department of State and Civil Law Disciplines of the
North Caucasus Institute for Advanced Studies (branch) of the Krasnodar University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia
Nalchik, Russia Kankulov Anzor Khuseinovich mayor policii. Dolzhnost: prepodavatel. Podrazdelenie: kafedra specialno-tehnicheskoy podgotovki
Krasnodar University of MIA Russia. Branch: North Caucasus Institute for Advanced Studies
A comprehensive research method is one of the main methodological principles for conducting specific sociological studies. One of the most important areas of scientific research is the improvement of organizational forms and research methods. However, it is worth noting that the methodological development of the principle of complexity is far from complete and perfect. In the article, the authors propose the essential characteristics of an integrated approach that determine the main methodological purpose of this type of knowledge.
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Manukyan A.R., Kankulov A.K., (2019), TO THE QUESTION OF APPLYING AN INTEGRATED APPROACH TO SOLVING CRIMINAL LAW PROBLEMS. Gaps in Russian Legislation, 5 => 103-104.
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