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Kudrina Yuliya A. aspirant IKT RUDN, ekonomist otdela konkurentnyh procedur AO «Rossiyskie kosmicheskie sistemy»
JSC «Russian Space Systems»; Institute of Space Technologies of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia
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Background. The article discuses the current state of Russia and its structural transformation. Integration processes at the regional and international levels gradually lead to a weakening of the importance of individual national economies, what causes the requirements for development of new strategic approaches in the development of Russia’s economy, given the experience of foreign countries. Material and methods. Carried out cost analysis of technological innovation organizations on the types of innovative activity of the Russian Federation and cost analysis for the development of innovation activities of high-tech industries shows that Russia has improved its position in the ranking of the «Global Innovation Index» and reduced the backlog from countries of innovation leaders. Results. Integration transformation and changes in the internal and external environment of organizations, the specificity of high-tech industries, development of innovation entails risks, the management of which requires harmonization of legal regulation at the state level and industries. Conclusion. The introduction of a universal standard for internal control and risk management that can be applied in any industry regardless of the specifics of the business and participant of the financial market. Originality. Internal control and risk management could be a breakthrough in the development of modern economy.
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Kudrina Y.A., (2016), CORPORATE RISK MANAGEMENT IN THE MODERN ECONOMY OF RUSSIA. Business in Law, 6: 234-237.
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the modern economy of the Russian Federation, risk management, development.