Sociopolitical sciences

Issue №3 2014
Issue №3 2014
ISSN: 2223-0092 (print)       2310-7065 (online) Pages: 1-68
Impact-factor 2014
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1. История, этнография, финно-угроведение CHRISTIANIZATION MORDVINIANS Mokshina Elena N. ABOUT ADVANTAGE OF HISTORICAL ANALOGIES Lepeshko Boris M. ASPECTS OF THE HISTORIOGRAPHIC CONDITION: THE COSSACKS AND «THE COSSACK ISSUE» Erokhin Igor U. GOVERNMENTAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGEMENT OF THE COSSACK ACTIVITIES (BASED ON THE EXPERIENCE AND PRACTICE OF THE RUSSIAN EMPIRE) Erokhin Igor U. 2. Права и свободы человека и гражданина,гарантии их обеспечения Public security and anti-corruption in the Russian Federation Girko Sergey I. Lesnikov Gennady Yurjevich ESSENCE OF THE HUMAN RIGHT ON FREE SELF-DETERMINATION Osipian Boris A. THE CONFLICT OF INTERESTS IN THE TAX SPHERE Shestakova Ekaterina V. 3. Политология ON THE VERGE OF «BATTLE OF CIVILIZATIONS»: «INFORMATION CAROUSEL», «GRAD», HEAVY ARTILLERY, ATTACK AVIATION, PHOSPHORUS MUNITIONS, SHORT-RANGE BALLISTIC MISSILES. WHAT'S NEXT?! Khmelevsky Sergey V. DYNAMICS POLITICAL CONFLICT Zalysin Igor Y. 4. Философия и ценности современного общества ABOUT PROFESSIONAL TRAINING OF STUDENTS IN THE AGRARIAN UNIVERSITY ON NEW EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS Igebaeva Fania A. MANIPULATION AS AN ACTIVITY Yurenkov Victor 5. Экономика RATIONALITY AS A FEATURE OF ECONOMIC BEHAVIOUR OF INDIVIDUAL Orlova Irina U. 6. социальное управление Social and psychological aspects of control in correctional system of Russia Egorushkina Yulia Sergeevna Podyablonsky Pavel Aleksandrovich