Sociopolitical sciences

Issue №2 2014
Issue №2 2014
ISSN: 2223-0092 (print)       2310-7065 (online) Pages: 1-66
Impact-factor 2014
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1. Философия и ценности современного общества FATE AND ITS MEANING IN HISTORY Lepeshko Boris M. 2. Теория и история государства и права METHODOLOGICAL STUDY PROBLEMS REASONS PROPORTION OF STATE AND CIVIL SOCIETY (variations on a theme ) Baev Valery G. Kalinina Irina 3. Социология INTRA-CORPORATE SUSTAINABILITY: PRACTICAL RECOMMENDATIONS Bruslov A. Yu. 4. Права и свободы человека и гражданина,гарантии их обеспечения UKRAINIAN CRISIS: CAUSES, essentially, consequences Lepeshko Boris M. To the question of the constitutional separation of state power and local self-government (based on the message of the President of the Russian Federation) Solovev Sergey G. False and Comparative Advertisment Rozehnal Aleš The specific features of public law entities as subjects of civil law similar to the legal entities Namaev Timur F. On some issues related to the law on crimes against sexual integrity Kochetov Renat Mikhailovich 5. Политические институты, процессы и технологии TYPES AND COMPETENCE OF THE BODIES WITH SUPRANATIONAL POWERS IN THE FIELD OF CUSTOMS BUSINESS, IN CONDITIONS OF THE CUSTOMS UNION AND THE SINGLE ECONOMIC SPACE Trunina Ekaterina V. 6. История, этнография, финно-угроведение MORDVA IN THE COMMUNITIES KHLYSTOV Mokshina Elena N. THE TRADITION OF MANY CHILDREN FOR THE MORDOVIANS Mokshin Nikolay F. 7. Юридическая антропология SPIRITUAL DIMENSIONS OF LAW Osipian Boris A.