Sociopolitical sciences

Issue №3 2013
Issue №3 2013
ISSN: 2223-0092 (print)       2310-7065 (online) Pages: 1-116
Импакт-фактор 2013
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1. Философия и ценности современного общества WHAT IS TRUTH: THE SHADOW CAVE OR SHINE OF BRIGHT SUN? Khmelevskaya Svetlana A. TO THE QUESTION OF THE IMPROVEMENT OF MANAGEMENT EFFICIENCY FOR AGRICULTURAL ENTERPRISES Igebaeva Fania A. CONVERGENCE OR DIVERGENTION OF METHODOLOGICAL SYSTEMS? Lepeshko Boris M. LEGAL TRADITION AND PROBLEM OF VALUES Lepeshko Boris M. 2. ПОЛИТОЛОГИЯ ABOUT PRICELESS «NATIONAL HERITAGE OF RUSSIA», OR ON THE QUESTION OF PROVISION OF POSITIVE DEVELOPMENT OF DOMESTIC SYSTEM OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE Khmelevsky Sergey V. IDEOLOGY TODAY: TO UNDERSTANDING OF THE PHENOMENON Lepeshko Boris M. 3. Теория и история государства и права Cultural heritage as an object of criminal law protection and the object of crime Anocshenkova Setlana V. SPECIFICS OF LAW-MAKING IN THE COMMUNICATIVE THEORY OF THE RIGHT Lepeshko Alexander Borisovich 4. СОЦИОЛОГИЯ ZASLAVSKAYA T. I. MEMORIES Chernyshov Michael Yu. Toward Institutional Prerequisites of Some Institutional Concepts within the Novosibirsk School of Economic Sociology Kirdina Svetlana G. 5. Права и свободы человека и гражданина,гарантии их обеспечения THE RIGHT TO IMPLEMENTATION OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT IN SYSTEM OF THE RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS OF THE PERSON AND THE CITIZEN Eremin Alexey R. The problems of implementation at the preliminary hearing rules on public trial and the immutability of the bench Shigurov Alexander V. The evolution of philosophical and legal concepts of judicial independence and autonomy of the courts as a factor in the creation of judicial councils Burdina Elena Vladimirovna ON THE QUESTION OF OPPORTUNITY AND ADVISABILITY OF CHANGING OF JURIDICAL STATUS OF NON-STATE PENSION FUNDS Kuzin Artemii Aleksandrovich FORMATION OF EFFECTIVE MODELS OF INTERACTION MANAGEMENT COMPANIES WITH PARTICIPANTS OF THE PENSION SYSTEM Soskov Vadim Victorovich The characteristic of system of fight against teenage crime and crime of minors in RSFSR for 1965-1969 Krasnov Dmitry Anatolyevich 6. История, этнография, финно-угроведение TURKISMS IN THE MORDOVIAN ONOMASTICON Mokshin N. F. INFORMATION ABOUT THE MORDOVIAN PEOPLE OF THE SECOND HALF OF XIX−EARLY XX CENTURY IN THE ARCHIVES OF THE RUSSIAN GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY Mokshin N. F. STAROOOBRYADCHESTVO AMONG MORDVA Mokshina Elena N. THE RELIGIOUS LIFE OF THE MORDOVIANS IN THE WORKS OF M. E. EVSEVYEV Mokshina Elena N.