Gaps in Russian legislation

Issue №2 2016
Issue №2 2016
ISSN: 2072-3164 (print)       2310-7049 (online) Pages: 1-222
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1. КОНСТИТУЦИОННОЕ ПРАВО, КОНСТИТУЦИОННЫЙ СУДЕБНЫЙ ПРОЦЕСС; МУНИЦИПАЛЬНОЕ ПРАВО (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.02) Russian Central Election Commission as main subject of public administration by electoral process Chistoborodov Ilya G. Public control over the activities of political parties - to the question Dolgikh Fedor I. LEGAL REGULATION OF SOCIAL FUNCTIONS OF THE STATE IN MODERN RUSSIA Osokina Yulia Yurievna SOME ASPECTS OF COOPERATION SOCIETY AND INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS IN COMBATING TO ILLEGAL MIGRATION Ibragimova Lucia Rashidovna The principles of public control over the activity of local self-government in Russia Kilesso Maria Aleksandrovna CONSTITUTIONAL GUARANTEES FOR THE PROTECTION OF LIFE FROM ARBITRARY INTERFERENCE BY THE AUTHORITIES Khorev Aleksandr Vladimirovich Status of the head of municipality: topical issues of legal regulation RyabokonevArtem Valerievich 2. ТЕОРИЯ И ИСТОРИЯ ПРАВА И ГОСУДАРСТВА, ИСТОРИЯ УЧЕНИЙ О ПРАВЕ И ГОСУДАРСТВЕ (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.01) Legality: main facets Kozhevnikov Sergey N. I.S. Aksakov’s «Judicial scenes» published by A.I. Herzen in the «Polar Star» in 1858 Motin Sergey Vitaljevich Pre-revolutionary legal doctrine about test of the universal, the specific structure of concepts and classification «source of law» Elchaninova Olga Yurievna The concept of ideology of extremism Gauzhaeva Victoria Aleksandrovna THE PRINCIPLES OF THE LAW IN THE CONTEXT OF POST-NONCLASSICAL SCIENCE Savicheva Elena Sergeevna Legal presumptions as means of overcoming legal gaps Zabrodin Dmitriy M. The evolution of sanctions in the criminal law of Russia of the XVIII - the beginning of the XX cc.: from the principle of uncertainty to the principle of exhaustive regulation Berestennikov Aleksey Gennadievich 3. ГРАЖДАНСКОЕ ПРАВО; ПРЕДПРИНИМАТЕЛЬСКОЕ ПРАВО; СЕМЕЙНОЕ ПРАВО; МЕЖДУНАРОДНОЕ ЧАСТНОЕ ПРАВО (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.03); ГРАЖДАНСКИЙ ПРОЦЕСС; АРБИТРАЖНЫЙ ПРОЦЕСС (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.15) The debtor's objections against the claim of the new creditor Lenkovskaya Renata Romanovna Sitdikova Lyubov Borisovna To the question correlation of notions “guarding” and “defense” of law on private property on the land Gridneva Olga V. Trofimova Inessa A. Peculiarities of the legal status of the appraiser by the legislation of the Russian Federation Volkova Maria A. Pitko Elena V. The pledge of rights of participant of Limited Liability Company Tepanova Natalya A. Efimova Olga V. Civil liability in regard to the evaluative services agreement Neznamova Alla A. Prospects for improvement of legal regulation of financial recovery procedure Malikov Ayvar Fanilevich The substantive family law of presumptions arising from marriage, in the Russian Federation, in CIS countries and Baltic States Bakaeva Malicat K. 4. ТРУДОВОЕ ПРАВО; ПРАВО СОЦИАЛЬНОГО ОБЕСПЕЧЕНИЯ (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.05); ЗЕМЕЛЬНОЕ ПРАВО; ПРИРОДОРЕСУРСНОЕ ПРАВО; ЭКОЛОГИЧЕСКОЕ ПРАВО (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.06) The role and powers of state bodies in emergency situations Kravtsova Elena Aleksandrovna Maksimenko Alexander V. Shalaykin Ruslan Nikolaevich Administrative and criminal liability for offenses in the field of occupational safety and health in education Tsyndrya Vladimir N. About saving the title of permanent (perpetual) use, inheritable possession for life on land plot in case of deconstruction of immovable: questions of restoration or no restoration of immovable Andreyev Igor A. 5. УГОЛОВНОЕ ПРАВО, УГОЛОВНО-ИСПОЛНИТЕЛЬНОЕ ПРАВО (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.08) Legal regulation of counter-terrorism on transportation Kuznetsov Alexander Pavlovich SECURITY MEASURES: legislative regulation in Russia and abroad Serebrennikova Anna Valerievna Minyazeva Tatiana Fedorovna Abdikarim AliAhmed Criminal responsibility of the legal liability: possible prospects Sorochkin Roman A. RESPONSIBILITY FOR ENCROACHMENTS ON INTERNATIONALLY PROTECTED PERSONS AND INSTITUTIONS UNDER THE LAWS OF FOREIGN COUNTRIES Kulichkov Alexey Alexandrovich The theft in property crimes’ system according to Russian and German criminal Codes Kharlamov Daniil Dmitrievich Obstructing the exercise of electoral rights or the work of election commissions through bribery: issues of qualification Likov Timur Aleksandovich The delimitation of "Abandonment in danger" (article 125 of the criminal code) from "Murder by mother of the newborn child" (article 106 of the criminal code) Dayanova Aigul Ravilevna 6. КРИМИНОЛОГИЯ (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.08) ORGANIZATION OF INTERNATIONAL LEGAL fight against crime in the United States, Japan and other Asia-Pacific countries Golik Yury V. Criminological Characteristics of Criminality in Prison Ustinov Andrey Anatolievich Titanov Mikhail Yu. Specificity the manifestations everyday corruption Mejidov Ismail Sendaga oglu 7. УГОЛОВНЫЙ ПРОЦЕСС (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.09) INTERPRETATION AS A PART OF SYSTEM OF EVIDENCES IN CRIMINAL CASES Mamedov Oktay Yagubovich Powers of the head of the investigative agency OF DEPARTMENTAL CONTROL in the stage of initiation of criminal case Bogatova Ekaterina Vladimirovna POLLING OF PERSONS BY AN ADVOCATE-DEFENDER AS MEANS OF COLLECTING EVIDENCES IN CRIMINAL PROCEDURE Mamedov Ramil Yagubovich Production of interrogation in criminal proceedings brought against persons who are outside the territory of the Russian Federation: the criminal procedure and international legal aspects Klevtsov Kirill Konstantinovich 8. КРИМИНАЛИСТИКА; СУДЕБНО-ЭКСПЕРТНАЯ ДЕЯТЕЛЬНОСТЬ; ОПЕРАТИВНО-РОЗЫСКНАЯ ДЕЯТЕЛЬНОСТЬ (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.12) ABOUT PROBLEMS OF LEGISLATIVE REGULATION OF JUDICIAL AND EXPERT ACTIVITY IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Aminev Farit Gizarovich 9. СУДЕБНАЯ ДЕЯТЕЛЬНОСТЬ; ПРОКУРОРСКАЯ ДЕЯТЕЛЬНОСТЬ; ПРАВОЗАЩИТНАЯ И ПРАВООХРАНИТЕЛЬНАЯ ДЕЯТЕЛЬНОСТЬ (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.11) MAIN AREAS INTERNAL SECURITY FMS RUSSIA Lyannoy Vladimir A. The powers of defender in the court of appeal Sharapova D.V. 10. АДМИНИСТРАТИВНОЕ ПРАВО; АДМИНИСТРАТИВНЫЙ ПРОЦЕСС (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.14) Concept of administrative and legal counteraction against illegal migration and its difference from administrative and legal regulations of migration Kovalenko Elena Gennadievna Chetvertkova Marina Yuryevna The draft law of the Russian Federation Code of Administrative Offences: new for magistrates Dyatchina Elena Vladimirovna ADMINISTRATIVE RESPONSIBILITY, AS SECURITY ELEMENT OF THE PRINCIPLE OF SUSTAINABLE FOREST MANAGEMENT Svidskaya Anita Sergeevna 11. РАЗНОЕ The concept universalisacii in a constitutional law Vohmjanin Denis Valerievich SYNTHETIC DRUGS - CURRENT ISSUES OF COMBATING ILLEGAL TRAFFICKING (THEORY AND PRACTICE) Sharov Mikhail I. Social factors determining the Commission of crimes with particular cruelty, and their place in the causal complex of criminality Gritsenko Tatiana Viktorovna