Gaps in Russian legislation

Issue №5 2013
Issue №5 2013
ISSN: 2072-3164 (print)       2310-7049 (online) Pages: 1-274
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1. КОНСТИТУЦИОННОЕ ПРАВО, КОНСТИТУЦИОННЫЙ СУДЕБНЫЙ ПРОЦЕСС; МУНИЦИПАЛЬНОЕ ПРАВО (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.02) Об оценке эффективности научных журналов Ястребова Е.В. Чистяков В.В. The Constitution of Russia need to know and do Malahatkina E. V. Features of the organization, as the subject of constitutional law Zykova I.V. FOREIGN EXPERIENCE OF CONSTITUTIONAL-LEGAL FASTENING OF PROVISIONS AIMED AT MINIMIZATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS RISKS Novikova Alevtina Evgenievna The models of the restriction of the personal rights and freedoms of a man and a citizen in the countries of CIS Loshkareva Irina Alexandrovna Constitutional and Legislative Principles of the Land Policy of the Russian Federation Varaksina Irina Valeryevna Understanding the principle of an individual’s trust in the state and in law in Poland in the period of the political transition Zalesny Jacek 2. ТЕОРИЯ и история ПРАВА И ГОСУДАРСТВА, ИСТОРИЯ УЧЕНИЙ О ПРАВЕ И ГОСУДАРСТВЕ (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.01) The source of law and the form of law: the ratio of concepts Miroschnik Svetlana Valentinovna The Old Testament Book of Numbers about the crimes against life Bespalko Viktor G. To the question about some problems of contemporary Russian federalism Belyakova Anastasia Mikhailovna LEGAL NATURE AND SUMMARY OF RESTRICTIVE PROCEDURE LAW Makogon Boris Valerievich The characteristic of system of fight against teenage crime and crime of minors in RSFSR for 1970 - 1974 Krasnov Dmitry Anatolyevich Contractual law regulation of relation in the educational sphere Levina Marina Valentinovna 3. ГРАЖДАНСКОЕ ПРАВО; ЖИЛИЩНОЕ ПРАВО; СЕМЕЙНОЕ ПРАВО; предпринимательское право, МЕЖДУНАРОДНОЕ ЧАСТНОЕ ПРАВО (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.03); ГРАЖДАНСКИЙ ПРОЦЕСС; АРБИТРАЖНЫЙ ПРОЦЕСС (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.15) Benefits for small and medium business entities in the sphere of state and municipal property privatization: legislative innovations and judicial practice Ershova Inna Vladimirovna Realization of Constitutional principle of building of social state in improvement of Russian civil legislation Barkov Alexey Vladimirovich State control of economic activity in terms of Russia's membership in the WTO, the Eurasian Economic Community and the Customs Union Spektor Asiya Akhmetovna Some questions of tax and customs regulation in the field of entrepreneurial activity under the terms of the RF membership in the Customs Union Apresova Nana Guramovna Invalidation of the transaction and the use of consequences of the invalidity of the transaction as a way to protect the rights of owned by legal entities on real estate Strelnikov Pavel Anatolievich Property rights to the television movie after the collapse of the Soviet Union Lvova Svetlana Vladimirovna On a system of civil means for consumer protection of mobile telecommunication services Kostina Kseniya Vyacheslavovna Uncompensated expropriation of foreign investments (a case study of United States) Eryomichev Nikolay Evgenevich Suvorova Anastasia Aleksandrovna CIVIL PROCEDURE LEGAL SOURCES AND PRINCIPLES IN ARABIC EAST MONARCHIES Kovyrshina Nina Alexandrovna Gosteleradiofond: Bases and limits ownership of the right (comments for the RF Government Decree number 1232 FROM 13.12.1995. subject to clarification of the Presidium of the Russian Federation, DATA judgment of 29.01.2013, № 11704/12) Lvova Svetlana Vladimirovna Classification of ways of alternative settlement of disputes Benova Victoria Igorevna 4. ТРУДОВОЕ ПРАВО; ПРАВО СОЦИАЛЬНОГО ОБЕСПЕЧЕНИЯ (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.05) CATEGORY ENTITIES INVOLVED IN THE RELATIONS REGULATED BY THE LABOUR CODE Faradzhev Ali Aladdin HISTORICAL AND LEGAL ASPECTS OF FORMATION AND DEVELOPMENT THE INSTITUTE OF PERSONAL DATA IN LABOUR LAW Abaev Felix Arturovich 5. УГОЛОВНОЕ прАво, УГОЛОВНО-ИСПОЛНИТЕЛЬНОЕ право, (специальность 12.00.08) Victimologic aspects of victimless crimes Astemirov Zaynutdin Gadjieva Aysha A. TENDENCIES OF INCREASING OF YOUTH DRUG USE AND DRUG-RELATED CRIMES (REGIONAL ASPECT) Gadjieva Aysha A. Azizova Leila Gasanovna Environmental violations in the oil and gas industry: current problems of detecting and preventing Sverdyukov Nikolay Vitalievich Prosecution and punishment for the illegal production of weapons: HISTORICAL EXPERIENCE AND MODERN REALITIES Musaev Mirza Musaevich To the question of the social danger of mediation in bribery Gadjieva Aysha A. Omarov Ali Akhmedovich Indebtedness for public resources as a matter of management of local government Yakimenko Oksana Yurievna Socio-demographic characteristics the person of the criminal-bribe Magomedov Nazhmudin Nazirkhanovich 6. криминология (специальность 12.00.08) RULES OF CONSTRUCTION QUALIFYING AND PREFERRED ELEMENTS OF THE CRIME Rogova Evgeniya Viktorovna On the influence of the media on crime Borovikova Viktoria V. Planning and modeling of measures to combat organized crime: features methodologies and perspectives Vasin Yury Gennadievich Regulation of relations connected with the execution of orders or decrees, in the legislation of several countries in the Asia-Pacific region Ushakov Egor Yur’evich 7. уголовный процесс (специальность 12.00.09) PROBLEMS OF PROFESSIONAL SPECIALIST IN CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS Zhdanov Sergey Pavlovich Actual use of the classification of forms of expertise Logvinets Elena Anatolievna Katorgina Natalya P. Forensic tactics in proving criminal cases Illicit Trafficking in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Safronsky Georgy Emilevich Peculiarities of the Process of Compensation of Harm Caused by a Crime Ibragimova Aminat Ibragimovna To the question of outside system grounds organization of proof in pre-trial proceedings in criminal cases of theft committed in the form of fraud Solovyev Vasiliy Vladimirovich 8. криминалистика; СУДЕБНО-ЭКСПЕРТНАЯ ДЕЯТЕЛЬНОСТЬ; ОПЕРАТИВНО-РОЗЫСКНАЯ ДЕЯТЕЛЬНОСТЬ (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.12) TO THE QUESTION OF THE CRIMINALISTIC CHARACTERISTICS OF SMUGGING OF STRATEGIC GOODS AND RESOURCES – PRECIOUS METALS AND PRECIOUS STONES Nikonovich Sergey Leonidovich Admitted in the misinformation and investigation of crimes Rumyantsev Andrey Yurievich Counteraction of the Accussed to Violent Crimes Investigation and Criminalistic Methods of its Overcoming in Interrogation Vasilchenko Andrey V. Lonshchakova Angella R. 9. СУДЕБНАЯ ДЕЯТЕЛЬНОСТЬ; ПРОКУРОРСКАЯ ДЕЯТЕЛЬНОСТЬ; ПРАВОЗАЩИТНАЯ И ПРАВООХРАНИТЕЛЬНАЯ ДЕЯТЕЛЬНОСТЬ (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.11) Problems of coordination and interaction of courts and legal enforcement authorities Abdrakhmanova Bibigul Serikkeldyevna 10. МЕЖДУНАРОДНОЕ ПУБЛИЧНОЕ ПРАВО (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.10);КОРПОРАТИВНОЕ ПРАВО; ЭНЕРГЕТИЧЕСКОЕ ПРАВО (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.07) Some problems of using the terminology related to counteraction to illegal circulation of nuclear materials in the international law regulations Yavorskiy Ilya Konstantinovich Some examples of using European experience for development of the Russian legal framework for energy and environment protection Aristova Natalia Alexandrovna 11. ФИНАНСОВОЕ ПРАВО; НАЛОГОВОЕ ПРАВО; БЮДЖЕТНОЕ ПРАВО; ИНФОРМАЦИОННОЕ ПРАВО; АДМИНИСТРАТИВНОЕ ПРАВО; АДМИНИСТРАТИВНЫЙ ПРОЦЕСС Organization and operation Court of Arbitration for Sport at the Autonomous Noncommercial Organization Sport Arbitration Chamber Bobrovskih Mikhail Alexandrovich Features of public administration in the sphere of fight against falsification of sports meets and the dope use in Australia Botnev Sergey Vladimirovich International experience in the prevention of offenses related to narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their analogs Tlyustangelov Batyrbiy Karalbievich On the question of the administrative and legal regulation of relations in the field of energy sector in the Russian Federation Nikolaevskiy Dmitriy Olegovich TO INCREASE THE PRESTIGE OF THE STATE CIVIL SERVICE Koroleva Sofia Vladimirovna 12. разное Henry Thoreau’s ideas on civil disobedience and the modern political process Zalysin Igor Y. Imperatives of legal culture: religious tolerance among the young people Zarubayeva Yevgeniya Yurievna The system of the divided situational centers based on the integrated regulations of interaction Nikitenko E.G. ABOUT SOME ASPECTS OF THE CONCEPT «REHABILITATION» IN THE DOMESTIC LEGISLATION AND LEGAL LITERATURE Korchagina Lyubov Igorevna