Gaps in Russian legislation

Issue №2 2013
Issue №2 2013
ISSN: 2072-3164 (print)       2310-7049 (online) Pages: 1-280
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1. КОНСТИТУЦИОННОЕ ПРАВО, КОНСТИТУЦИОННЫЙ СУДЕБНЫЙ ПРОЦЕСС; МУНИЦИПАЛЬНОЕ ПРАВО (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.02) To the question about the activity of the Parliament in the Russian Federation Bulakov Oleg N. Problems of formation of the international legal status of the confederative state Azarov Sergey Olegovich Foreign experience of differentiation of areas of jurisdiction and powers of federation and its subjects Bayramova Natalia Yurievna Powers of prosecutor's office of the Russian Federation on ensuring supervision in the sphere of local government Boev Alexander A. Features of constitutional and legal regulation tax system in the Russian Federation Sakson Anna L. Some problems of the constitutional right of citizens to work in Russia and European labor law Leshchenko Anna Hachaturovna Briefly about the problem of anonymity in the Internet Radaykin Maxim Practice of the constitutional (authorized) vessels of subjects of the Russian Federation in the sphere of ensuring action of the principle of legality Galimov Aynur Gazinurovich 2. ТЕОРИЯ И ИСТОРИЯ ПРАВА И ГОСУДАРСТВА, ИСТОРИЯ УЧЕНИЙ О ПРАВЕ И ГОСУДАРСТВЕ (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.01) Soviet Historical and Legal Interpretation of the Evolution of Civil Law in Russian Empire in 18th -19th centuries Taraborin Roman Sergeevitch The institute of legal personality in the general theory of law: basic approaches and views Kuznetsov Sergey Vladimirovich Hasimova Leysan Nafisovna Legal regulation of lotteries in Russia in XVIII – the beginning of the XX centuries Tsakoyev Arthur Akhsarbekovich The essence of the theory of anarchism in the concept of political and legal development Lykov Andrew Yurievich Theoretical Basis and Principles of State Governing in Russia at The Beginning of the XXth Century Lazorin K.B. THE MECHANISM OF THE LEGAL REGULATION OF MANAGEMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH LEGAL RELATIONSHIP IN MODERN CONDITIONS Nasushchenko Kirill Valerievich 3. ГРАЖДАНСКОЕ ПРАВО; ЖИЛИЩНОЕ ПРАВО; СЕМЕЙНОЕ ПРАВО; ПРЕДПРИНИМАТЕЛЬСКОЕ ПРАВО (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.03); ГРАЖДАНСКИЙ ПРОЦЕСС; АРБИТРАЖНЫЙ ПРОЦЕСС (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.15) The concept of the parties and the subject matters of the obligation arising from the infliction of injury, caused by the defects in goods according English and Russian Law Ivanovskaya Natalia V. Exclusive rights to the commercial designation abroad Kat Zara Ruslanovna Features of the implementation of the principle of access to justice in the courts of general jurisdiction cases arising from public relations, on appeal process Vlasov Evgeniy Vasilievich Subsidiary responsibility under item 5 art. 10 of the Insolvency Law: a practical aspect Nikolaev A. LEGAL REGULATION OF ENSURING REALIZATION AND PROTECTION OF PROPERTY RIGHTS OF SUBJECTS OF FAMILY LEGAL RELATIONSHIP Ryzhova Natalia Vladimirovna Civil legal problems in applying safeguards for innocent infringement of intellectual property rights by using file-sharing networks Kondrashov Maksim Sergeevich 4. ТРУДОВОЕ ПРАВО; ПРАВО СОЦИАЛЬНОГО ОБЕСПЕЧЕНИЯ (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.05); ЗЕМЕЛЬНОЕ ПРАВО; ПРИРОДОРЕСУРСНОЕ ПРАВО; ЭКОЛОГИЧЕСКОЕ ПРАВО (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.06) ON THE CONCEPT unemployed in labor law Khranovskiy Igor Vitalievich 5. УГОЛОВНОЕ ПРАВО, УГОЛОВНО-ИСПОЛНИТЕЛЬНОЕ ПРАВО, КРИМИНОЛОГИЯ (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.08) Обратная сила уголовного закона и отдельные вопросы применения положений уголовного законодательства о незаконном обороте наркотиков в связи с введением в действие Федерального Закона от 01.03.2012 № 18-ФЗ «О внесении изменений в отдельные законодательные акты Российской Федерации» Ibragimov I.M. FROM SUSPENDED SENTENCE TO BE FREE FROM THE PUNISHMENT WITH PROBATION PERIOD Drozdov Aleksey Igorevich Orlov Aleksey Viktorovich THE RESTORATION OF SOCIAL JUSTICE AS THE PURPOSE OF PUNISHMENT Poezzhalov Vladimir B. Badamshin Ilfat Davletnurovich Theoretical questions of imposing punishment in the presence of mitigating circumstances (art. 62 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation) Divaeva Irina Rafaelovna Nikolaeva Tatiana Problem of the definition of the perpetrator in the modern criminal law of Russia Shcherbakov Alexandr Vasilievich ЯПОНИЯ — НОВОЕ ПОКОЛЕНИЕ БЕЗ НАРКОТИКОВ Морозов Николай Александрович Development of the domestic criminal legislation on responsibility for criminal infringement of military property after 1917 Kamayev R. R. Concept of efficiency of criminal legal protection Bondarenko Valentina Evgenievna 6. уголовное право, уголовно-исполнительное правонаучная школа В.П.Ревина К 70-летию доктора юридических наук, профессора, академика РАЕН Валерия Петровича Ревина THE MODERN REFORM OF THE CRIMINAL LAW AS A REFLECTION OF THE RUSSIAN CRIMINAL POLICY Revin V. P. Some questions of methodology of criminal politics Lesnikov Gennady Yurjevich PROBLEM forming activity Anticrime community perspective Aminov D.I. CRIMINAL POLICY OF LEGAL REGULATION AND COUNTERACTION OF THE ORGANIZATION OF ILLEGAL MIGRATION Kostyuk Mikhail Fedorovich The anti-drug policy and criminology public safety in light of the concepts of V.P. Revin Voronin Mikhail Y. О совершенствовании уголовной политики в налоговой сфере Соловьев И.Н. О некоторых направлениях гуманизации современной уголовной политики Кыргызской Республики Osmonaliev Kairat Mederbekovich A few words on the construction of the concept of modern criminal policy aimed at protecting the interests of justice Polischuk Dmitry Adolfovich Some aspects of criminal policy in the protection sphere turn of currency values Vasileva O.N. Problems of juridical rangel plundering the objects with statement of value Budanov Sergey Aleksandrovich Budanova Elena Aleksandrovna Современные проблемы уголовно-правовой охраны жизни и здоровья в сфере безопасности дорожного движения Пахомова О.Н. 7. УГОЛОВНЫЙ ПРОЦЕСС (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.09) SOME ISSUES OF LEGISLATIVE REGULATION OF SECURITY INSTITUTIONS OF PARTICIPANTS IN CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS Kudina Svetlana Anatolevna Kaats Maria E. Malikova Natalya Valeryevna THE LEGITIMATE INTERESTS OF THE VICTIM TO BE RECOVERED, IN CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS Nikolaev Evgeny Mihaylovich Matvienko Ilya Vladimirovich ON THE ISSUE OF CONDUCTING VERIFICATION OF REPORTED CRIMES Kudryavtsev Alexander V. Kudryavtseva Olga Gennadevna FORMAL AND LEGAL GROUNDS DETENTION OF THE PERSON, THE SUSPECTOF A CRIME Isaeva Regina Miniyarovna Kutsenko Svetlana Mikhailovna IMPROVEMENT OF PROCEEDING ON PRIVATE PROSECUTION CASES AS A FACTUAL NECESSITY Talynyova Zemfira Zinurovna Rezyapova Liliya Ulfatovna Scientific and technological progress and the problems of improving criminal procedural legislation Popova Irina Alekseevna Zinchenko Igor Anatolyevich ON THE RESOURCES OF DOMESTIC CRIMINAL JUSTICE AS A COMPONENT institutional mechanisms ensuring national security Panshin Valdimir Igorevich 8. КРИМИНАЛИСТИКА; СУДЕБНО-ЭКСПЕРТНАЯ ДЕЯТЕЛЬНОСТЬ; ОПЕРАТИВНО-РОЗЫСКНАЯ ДЕЯТЕЛЬНОСТЬ (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.12) Specificity of use of materials of audits and inventories for an establishment of the bases to criminal case excitation at the enterprises chemical and petroleum-refining industry Valeev Azamat H. Samoilov Alexander Yu. LEGAL AND FORENSIC ASPECTS OF INVESTIGATION CRIMINAL CASE IN FACT ABOUT VANDALISM WITH EXTREMISM MANIFESTATIONS Adigamova Guzel Zufarovna Sitdikov Ildar Mavlievich Theoretical aspects the concept of building a private investigative techniques of fraud in the turnover of the house Nizaeva Svetlana Ramilevna 9. СУДЕБНАЯ ДЕЯТЕЛЬНОСТЬ; ПРОКУРОРСКАЯ ДЕЯТЕЛЬНОСТЬ; ПРАВОЗАЩИТНАЯ И ПРАВООХРАНИТЕЛЬНАЯ ДЕЯТЕЛЬНОСТЬ (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.11) Fight against terrorism and human rights Knyazhev Victor Borisovich Kireev Mikhail P. The legislation on service In law-enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation: the theory and practice Mayurov Nikolai Petrovich Konstantinov George Leonidovich Lawful bases of the activity of the police for the guarantee of law with conducting of meetings, meetings, processions of demonstrations and picketing Vasilyev Fedor P. Nasyrov Radik Rafailevich The Internet technology in the Public Prosecution Service current activity on the legal system advisement Mamatov Maxim Vladimirovich РОЛЬ СТРАТЕГИЧЕСКОГО АНАЛИЗА В ВЫРАБОТКЕ ПРАВООХРАНИТЕЛЬНОЙ СТРАТЕГИИ Asanov Nauazi Hyzyrovich INTERNATIONAL LEGAL ASPECTS OF LAW ENFORCEMENT FOR THE SAFETY OF MIGRATION Lyannoy Vladimir A. Questions of activity of law-enforcement bodies on safety of objects of life support of the population from terrorist threats Akiev Magomed Hadzhibiyevich THE MAIN DIRECTION OF EXPERIENCE OF WESTERN EUROPE AND THE U.S. IN COUNTERING EXTREMIST CRIMES DESTINATION IN RUSSIAN FEDERATION Varseev Aleksey Valerjevich The conclusion of the Bar of the qualification commission of the subject of the Russian Federation Busurina Elena Olegovna The grounds for excluding initiation of disciplinary proceeding against a lawyers Busurina Elena Olegovna Administrative barriers in the sphere of the internal Affairs bodies of state services to the population Tyryshkin Viktor Vladimirovich 10. ФИНАНСОВОЕ ПРАВО; НАЛОГОВОЕ ПРАВО; БЮДЖЕТНОЕ ПРАВО; АДМИНИСТРАТИВНОЕ ПРАВО; АДМИНИСТРАТИВНЫЙ ПРОЦЕСС Application of rules of law financial management companies of mutual funds in money laundering regulation Karpov Anton Segeevich The method of the administrative and legal regulation in the sphere of public administration education system Borisenko Lyudmila Valentinovna 11.разное The evolution of the Russian Legislation in the 18-19th centuries: contemporary scientific and legal discourse Taraborin Roman Sergeevitch THE GENESIS OF THE THEORY OF COUNTERACTION TO INVESTIGATION OF CRIMES IN THE VIEWS OF SCIENTISTS AND THE PROSPECTS OF ITS DEVELOPMENT Shurukhnov Vladimir Aleksandrovich The dynamics of modern political advertising in Russia on the material of the presidential elections in 2012 year Saitova Nelia Nailevna Present state of the national payment system of Russian Federation Chizhikova Elvira Syaitovna Typical forensic situation and main problems of the investigation of obstruction of justice Abramova Polina Valerievna