Gaps in Russian legislation

Issue №7 2017
Issue №7 2017
ISSN: 2072-3164 (print)       2310-7049 (online) Pages: 1-226
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1. НАУЧНАЯ ШКОЛА ПРОФЕССОРА З.А. АСТЕМИРОВА ETERNAL MEMORY AND LIGHT TO OUR ACADEMIC MENTOR - PROFESSOR ZAYNUTDIN ASTEMIROVICHA ASTEMIROVA Ramazanov T. B. Shapiev S. M. Zijadova D. Z. Abasova S. A. Gadzhieva A. A. Criminal-legal impact of the violation of requirements of labor protection Zijadova Dureja Zijadinovna Murzaeva Jamila Gadjievna Political crime in contemporary Russia and its prevention Gadjieva Aysha A. Criminological features of personality of weapon manufacturer Gadjimetov Adil Alimuradovich Criminological analysis of sectoral prevalence of theft, through appropriation and embezzlements, in the sphere of service Abakarova Naida Khalikovna The problem of training in order to carry out terrorist activities in the republics of the Northern Caucasus Magomedova Minara Rashidhanovna THE ROLE OF THE CRIMINAL EXECUTIVE INSPECTION IN PREVENTING REPEATED CRIME Abasova Sijibat Abasovna About the importance of fairness in understanding the nature of criminal punishment and its practical application Adilov Zaur Adilovich 2. КОНСТИТУЦИОННОЕ ПРАВО, КОНСТИТУЦИОННЫЙ СУДЕБНЫЙ ПРОЦЕСС; МУНИЦИПАЛЬНОЕ ПРАВО (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.02) The problems of improvement of legal bases of civil service in the territorial subjects of the Russian Federation Petrenko Nikolay I. FEATURES OF THE LAW MAKING PROCESS IN THE REPUBLIC OF SERBIA Polovchenko Konstantin A. FEATURES OF PRELIMINARY CONSTITUTIONAL CONTROL (THE EXAMPLE OF SERBIA) Polovchenko Konstantin A. REALIZATION OF HOUSING AND COMMUNAL SERVICES AS FUNCTION OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT Lyubushkin Vasily A. Ostankov Dmitry Borisovich The ratio of the activities of public prosecutors with the court in a legal state: a theoretical approach Magomedov Magomed Abdulkadirovich EVALUATION OF THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE JUDICIAL PROTECTION OF THE RIGHTS OF LOCAL SELF-GOVERNMENT Shirshov Kirill Aleksandrovich THE LOGICAL STRUCTURE OF THE TECHNOLOGY LOBBYING LEGAL DECISION-MAKING Shafiullina Elmira Alievna 3. ТЕОРИЯ И ИСТОРИЯ ПРАВА И ГОСУДАРСТВА; ИСТОРИЯ УЧЕНИЙ О ПРАВЕ И ГОСУДАРСТВЕ (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.01) FIELD RESEARCH OF THE CUSTOMARY LAW OF THE PEOPLES OF RUSSIA Sushkova Yuliya N. PARTICULARITIES OF ORGANIZATION OF JUDICIAL POWER IN SERBIA IN THE LATE NINETEENTH CENTURY Polovchenko Konstantin A. 4. ГРАЖДАНСКОЕ ПРАВО; МЕЖДУНАРОДНОЕ ЧАСТНОЕ ПРАВО; ЖИЛИЩНОЕ ПРАВО; СЕМЕЙНОЕ ПРАВО (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.03); ГРАЖДАНСКИЙ ПРОЦЕСС; АРБИТРАЖНЫЙ ПРОЦЕСС (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.15) THE RIGHT OF THE "NECESSARY ROAD" VIA NEIGHBORHOOD: LIMITATION OF OWNERSHIP RIGHTS IN NEIGHBOR INTERESTS OR SERVITUDE? Emelkina Irina Alexandrovna On legal personality in succession law Gasanov Natig Fahraddin oglu Features of insurance of enterprise risks in industrial and innovation sectors Lenkovskaya Renata Romanovna The Principle of good faith in housing law: issues of theory and judicial practice Karyagina Veronica Sergeevna Topical issues of the contract system in the sphere of procurement of goods, works, services for provision in the organizations of material and technical supply organizations of the Ministry of the Interior system of Russia Ustinova Valentina Vladimirovna TOPICAL PROBLEMS OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF LEGISLATION ON BUSINESS ENTITIES Svechnikov Vladimir Alexandrovich Optimization of civil proceedings at the stage of preparing the case for trial Shpak Vladimir Vladimirovich 5. ТРУДОВОЕ ПРАВО; ПРАВО СОЦИАЛЬНОГО ОБЕСПЕЧЕНИЯ (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.05) Innovations in labor laws relating to foreign workers Abdullaev Elshan Elshad ogli 6. УГОЛОВНОЕ ПРАВО, УГОЛОВНО-ИСПОЛНИТЕЛЬНОЕ ПРАВО (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.08) Criminal-executive policy: issues of definition of the concept Lesnikov Gennady Yurjevich Crimes in the field of environmental protection and environmental management: objective problems of criminal repression Zhesterov Pavel Valerievich Decisions on the declaration and procedure for the application of amnesty as sources of criminal-executive law Golovastova Julia Alexandrovna On the singularity of criminal legal counteraction to organized forms of extremism in Russia and the Republic of Kazakhstan Tarasevich Ivan Anatolievich Zenkovsky Alexander Vladimirovich The Usage of modern information and communication technologies for revelation and investigation of crimes Bercheneva Marina Vital’evna ABOUT THE OBJECT OF HIV INFECTIONING (ART.122 OF CRIMINAL CODE OF RUSSIAN FEDERATION) Adylin Dmitriy Mikhailovich Problems of qualification of child abuse Buintseva Nina Olegovna The objective side of the crime under Art. 200.3 of the Criminal Code Kharkov Aleksandr Vladimirovich To the issue of the object of crimes provided for in Article 327.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation Ostapenko Olga Igorevna THE PROBLEMS OF ROBBERIES` QUALIFICATION WITH DIFFERENT KINDS OF WEAPONS Son Eduard Vadimovich Regulation of responsibility for complicity in a crime in the form of mediation in bribery Subachev Aleksey Konstantinovich 7. КРИМИНОЛОГИЯ (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.08) TO THE QUESTION OF CO-OPERATION OF CORRUPTION RISKS IN FOREIGN PENITENTIARY SYSTEMS Antonyan Elena Alexandrovna Aminov Ilya Isakovich ON THE CRIMINOLOGICAL CHARACTERISTIC MODERN ORGANIZED CRIME IN RUSSIA Belotserkovsky Sergey Dmitrievich THE NEED FOR FURTHER CRIMINALIZATION OF ORGANIZED CRIMINAL ACTIVITY IN THE SPECIAL PART OF CRIMINAL CODE Belotserkovsky Sergey Dmitrievich FORMATION OF TOLERANT CONSCIOUSNESS AS THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR OF PREVENTING CRIMES OF EXTREMISTIST CHARACTER AMONG YOUNG PEOPLE Akkaeva Khalimat Alievna COUNTERACTION TO THE SPREAD OF EXTREMIST IDEOLOGY, TAKING INTO ACCOUNT DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN EXPERIENCE Golyandin Nikolai P. Mashecuasheva Margarita H. 8. УГОЛОВНЫЙ ПРОЦЕСС (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.09) To the question about principles of justice as principles of judicial activity Tsatsalov O.O. 9. КРИМИНАЛИСТИКА; СУДЕБНО-ЭКСПЕРТНАЯ ДЕЯТЕЛЬНОСТЬ; ОПЕРАТИВНО-РОЗЫСКНАЯ ДЕЯТЕЛЬНОСТЬ (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.12) TO THE QUESTION OF THE OBJECT OF CRIMINALISTIC ACCOUNTING Perebaskin Ilya Vyacheslavovich 10. СУДЕБНАЯ ДЕЯТЕЛЬНОСТЬ; ПРОКУРОРСКАЯ ДЕЯТЕЛЬНОСТЬ; ПРАВОЗАЩИТНАЯ И ПРАВООХРАНИТЕЛЬНАЯ ДЕЯТЕЛЬНОСТЬ (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.11) Liability of Judges in Comparative Perspective: Theoretical and Practical Issues Sinyavskaya Maria Sergeevna «Rule of law» in the work of international organizations Ablayeva Elvira B. The issues of improving Civil defense in the internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Sinodov Ivan Anatolievich PROSECUTORIAL SUPERVISION AND PROTECTION OF THE RIGHTS OF THE VICTIM AT THE PRETRIAL STAGE OF THE CRIMINAL PROCESS Blinova-Sychkar Irina Vladimirovna Dmitrienko Sergey Alexandrovich Kravtsova Oksana Vasilievna THE CHANGE IN THE LAW (THE PERIOD FROM 2007 TO 2017) ABOUT PARTICIPATION OF THE PROSECUTOR IN PRE-TRIAL PROCEEDINGS IN A CRIMINAL CASE Blinova-Sychkar Irina Vladimirovna Dmitrienko Sergey Alexandrovich Kravtsova Oksana Vasilievna PROPAGANDA OF EXTREMISM IN THE INTERNET: SOCIALLY PSYCHOLOGICAL ASPECT Shkhagapsoeva Marianna Khasanovna 11. АДМИНИСТРАТИВНОЕ ПРАВО; АДМИНИСТРАТИВНЫЙ ПРОЦЕСС (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.14) SOME ISSUES CONCERNING THE SETTLEMENT OF ADMINISTRATIVE DISPUTES IN THE SPHERE OF CUSTOMS ACTIVITY Zanina Tatyana Mitrofanovna 12. РАЗНОЕ Projection law of Genesis in modern administrative law Ivanov Dmitry V. Forms and ways of commission of sexual crimes and their criminal and legal value: to a question of a border of their object side Bercheneva Marina Vital’evna RECONCILIATION IN THE FAMILY LAW: A COMPARATIVE-LEGAL ANALYSIS OF RUSSIA AND FRANCE Mirzoeva Gulaman Elmanovna Alieva Zulfidzhat Zubayrievna