Computational nanotechnology

Issue №4 2015
Issue №4 2015
ISSN: 2313-223X (print)       2587-9693 (online) Pages: 1-78
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1. ТЕХНОЛОГИИ ВЫЧИСЛИТЕЛЬНОЙ ОБРАБОТКИ Survey of large-scale graph processing models for high perfomance computing systems Frolov Alexander Sergeevich Semenov Alexander Sergeevich Markov Alexander Sergeevich A comparison of MPI and Charm++ parallel programming technologies on the minimum spanning tree problem Frolov Alexander Sergeevich Semenov Alexander Sergeevich Mazeev Artem Valerievich 2. МАТЕМАТИЧЕСКОЕ МОДЕЛИРОВАНИЕ, ЧИСЛЕННЫЕ МЕТОДЫ И КОМПЛЕКСЫ ПРОГРАММ Geometrical approach to the argumentum of bijection of one coordinate-threshold reflection Nikonov Vladimir Glebovich Litvinenko Vitaly Sergeevich The constructive method for synthesis of balanced k-valued algebraic threshold functions Soshin Danil Andreevich 3. МОДЕЛЬНО-ОРИЕНТИРОВАННОЕ ПРОЕКТИРОВАНИЕ Two-stage mechanism of formation of ordered surface nanostructures under atomic deposition Emel’yanov Vladimir Il'ich Tarkhov Andrey Evgenyevich 4. НАНОСТРУКТУРИРОВАННЫЕ МАТЕРИАЛЫ The teoretical model of new contact structure «nanoobject-semiconductor» Rakhimov Rustam Khakimovich Imamov Erkin Zunnunovich Djalalov Temur Asfandiyarovich Muminov Ramizulla Abdullaevich Development and production of the prototype hardware for wear-resistant nanostructured ceramics of grinding bodies of small size Makeeva Marya Alexandrovna Pirozhkova Tatyana Sergeevna 5. ИНФОРМАЦИОННЫЕ ТЕХНОЛОГИИ И АВТОМАТИЗИРОВАННЫЕ СИСТЕМЫ The use of unmanned aerial vehicles in conducting cultural events Vyotovtov Aleksey Vladimirovich Shumilin Viktor Viktorovich Kalach Andrey Vladimirovich Simulation experimental research on the magnitude of metal removal from regimes waterjet processing using information technologies Ivanov Viktor Viktorovich Ivanov Sergei Viktorovich Ivanov Vladimir Viktorovich