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Issue №1 2015
Issue №1 2015
ISSN: 1816-921X (print)       2310-7030 (online) Pages: 1-262
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1. Теория и история права и государства, история учений о праве и государстве CONCEPTION OF THE CRIME BY WAY OF CRIMINAL LEGAL NORMS INTERPRETATION Epifanova Elena Vladimirovna Nedilko Julia Viktorovna THE MAIN AREAS OF USE EXCEPTIONAL REGIMES IN THE BRANCHS OF PUBLIC AND PRIVATE LAW Afzaletdinova Gulnara Kh. DEVELOPMENT OF CRIMINAL TRIAL IN RUSSIA AT THE END OF XVIII- THE BEGINNING OF THE XIX CENTURIES Sukhorukova Yulia Vitalyevna Problems of reorganization of activity of gendarmerie at the beginning of the XX century Vagapov Tagir H. FORMATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF CONSTITUTIONAL FOUNDATIONS OF THE PROPERTY RIGHT IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION AND THE UNITED KINGDOM Zeko Lily Yu. 2. Трудовое право, право социального обеспечения RUSSIAN PENSION SYSTEM IN PROCESS OF REFORMING: PLANS, PROBLEMS AND MEANS FOR SOLVING Ermakov Dmitrii N. Khmelevskaya Svetlana A. 3. Гражданское право, жилищное право, семейное право, международное частное право PERSON AND LAW. LEGAL PROBLEMS OF DEVELOPMENT OF PENSIONS PROVISION AND THE LIFE ANNUITY IN RUSSIA Popov Nikolay Vasilievich Non-performance of contract: either civil or criminal offence? Domnikova Viktoria V. Functions of the self-regulatory organizations participants Sungatullina Lilia A. 4. Уголовное право и криминология,уголовно-исполнительное право ATTRIBUTES OF CRIMINAL LEGAL RELATIONSHIP WITH THE USE OF REMAND IN CUSTODY Kurbanova Aseeyat S. ILLICIT TRAFFICKING OF POISONOUS SUBSTANCES FOR THE PURPOSE OF MARKETING (ARTICLE 234 OF THE CRIMINAL CODE) Teploukhova S.O. Burkina Olga Alexandrovna USE OF SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE AT THE STAGE OF INITIATION OF CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS Burtsev Aleksey V. 5. Конституционное право, конституционный судебный процесс, муниципальное право THE STATE, PROPERTY IN A CONTEXT GLOBALIZATION PROCESSES Stepanova Aigul A. 6. Правовое обеспечение предпринимательской деятельности THE AGREEMENT OF INTENTIONS AND ASSURANCE ABOUT CIRCUMSTANCES: LEGAL VALUE Shpoltakov O. V. Market of fur products: economical and legal aspect Dzhavakhidi Irakli Aleksandrovich FEATURES OF FORMATION OF LEGAL REGULATION OF TRANSACTIONS MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS IN RUSSIA Demchenko Anton S. ROLE OF THE STATE IN ENSURING FREEDOM OF BUSINESS ACTIVITY IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Zeko Lily Yu. 7. Пробелы в праве; международное публичное право THE GENESIS OF THE TERM «TRAFFICKING IN PERSONS» IN THE CONTEXT OF INTERNATIONAL LAW Vanyusheva Yana V. Legal framework for maintaining the stability of the European financial markets: innovations of European Union legislation in the field of combating abuses in the financial markets Tsarev Ilya Nikolaevich THE SURVEY OF THE MAIN REASONS FOR THE REFUSAL OF THE RECOGNITION AND ENFORCEMENT OF FOREIGN ARBITRAL AWARDS ON THE TERRITORY OF CHINA Baymukhametov Renat M. 8. Административное право, административный процесс, информационное право THE REALIZATION OF THE RIGHT OF CITIZENS TO RECEIVE QUALIFIED LEGAL ASSISTANCE IN THE ADMINISTRATIVE JURISDICTION - FEATURES A LAWYER ON THE CASE CONCERNING ADMINISTRATIVE OFFENCE Vitcke Regina E. 9. Коррупция; терроризм; уголовный процесс SOCIAL CONDITIONALITY OF CORRUPTION CRIMES Zelentsov Alexey A. Kolomiychenko Elena V. STAGE OF EXCITATION OF CRIMINAL CASE OR STAGE OF PRELIMINARY INVESTIGATION: WHAT SHOULD REMAIN IN THE CRIMINAL PROCEDURE OF RUSSIA? Kudryavtsev Alexander V. Kudryavtseva Olga Gennadevna 10. Налоговые и таможенные проблемы, финансовое право, бюджетное право TO THE QUESTION OF TYPICAL INVESTIGATIVE SITUATION CLASSIFICATION OF CRIMES COMMITTED WITH THE USE OF BANK PAYMENT CARDS Burayeva Lyudmila A. Practice and problematic issues of the competitive selection for admission to the service in customs authorities Rykhlova Elena A. Evasion of customs payments under the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation: the statistics of committed crimes and evolution of criminal liability under Russian law Cherepkov Denis S. 11. Гражданский процесс, арбитражный процесс KEY FEATURES OF THE LIMITATION FORM OF PROTECTION IN THE ARBITRATION PROCESS Talykin Evgen A. The specific features of the prosecutor's participation in civil process Namaev Timur F. 12. Судебная деятельность, прокурорская деятельность; правозащитная и правоохранительная деятельность On the question of identifying the facts of self-mutilation in prison Vasilchenko Andrey V. Lonshchakova Angella R. Gareyev Albert M. SOME PROBLEMS OF EFFICIENCY OF THE CREDITORS’ INTERESTS CRIMINAL DEFENSE WHEN CRIMES, IMPEDING PROPERTIES PRESERVATION, ARE COMMITTING Geyko Pavel P. TO THE QUESTION OF THE ENFORCEMENT OF THE CRIMINAL PROCEDURAL SECURITY MEASURES AT THE PRIMARY STAGE OF THE DOMESTIC CRIMINAL JUSTICE Kaats Maria E. ON THE NECESSITY AND FEASIBILITY OF CONDUCTING JUDICIAL EXPERTISE IN CIVIL JUSTICE Chernova Maria Nikolaevna 13. Земельно-имущественные отношения ETHNOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT AS AN IMPORTANT PART OF THE ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT OF INDUSTRIAL PROJECTS OF SUBSOIL USE IN NORTHERN TERRITORIES OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Telkhigova Malika Shamelevna 14. Криминалистика, судебно-экспертная деятельность; оперативно-розыскная деятельность METHODS OF THEFT OF FUNDS COMMITTED UNDER BUDGET HOUSING CONSTRUCTION Borin Boris Viktorovich ABOUT SOME PROBLEMS OF IDENTIFICATION AND OVERCOMING OF COUNTERACTION TO PLUNDERS INVESTIGATION WITH USE OF CREDIT AND SETTLEMENT CARDS Imaeva Yuliya B. 15. Разное TO QUESTION ABOUT INADEQUACY OF VARIOUS SOCIAL ACTORS Khmelevsky Sergey V. PLACE OF BODIES OF THE CONSTITUTIONAL JUSTICE IN SYSTEM OF GUARANTEES OF PROTECTION OF ELECTORAL RIGHTS OF CITIZENS OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Babanyan Sarkis S. 16. Экономика и управление народным хозяйством, предпринимательство, маркетинг, менеджмент RUSSIA PROBLEMS ON FORMATION OF THE TRANSIT TRANSPORT AND FINANCIAL LOGISTICS ON THE EXAMPLE OF THE GREAT SILK WAY Odess Vladimir I. THE APPROACHES TO MANAGEMENT OF DIVERSIFIED COMPANIES ON THE BASIS OF MODERN TOOLS AND MECHANISMS OF COMPETITIVENESS MANAGEMENT Kokuytseva Tatyana V. Panov Dmitry V. Filippov Pavel G. Theory of Constraints: an innovative approach to the organization of production Semenov Alexander Sergeevich Rodionova Irina A. The approaches to determining the competitiveness index of aerospace industry products Rusinov Alexander A. Tyulin Andrey E. THE FORMATION OF THE METHODOLOGICAL FRAMEWORK, PRINCIPLES, FORMSAND TOOLS OF MANAGEMENT OFPRODUCTIONACTIVITIES Struchkova Elena S. FEATURES OF FUNCTIONING OF THE INSURANCE MARKET OF RUSSIA Puchkova Elena M. SEGMENTATION OF THE BANKING MARKET AS THE MOST IMPORTANT ELEMENT OF THE MARKETING STRATEGY OF BANKS Ivolgina Natalia V. Nikolaeva Tatyana E. HISTORICAL AND PEDAGOGICAL ANALYSIS OF NETWORKING OF UNIVERSITIES IN A RAPIDLY CHANGING SOCIO-CULTURAL AND ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT Bahmudova M.A. SUGGESTIONS FOR IMPROVING CONDITIONS FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF PROJECTS OF PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP HEALTH IN SUBJECTS OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Sizova Ekaterina S. ESSENCE AND THE MAINTENANCE OF STRATEGIC POTENTIAL OF THE INDUSTRIAL ENTERPRISE Tsarikaev Alan Y. 17. Финансы, денежное обращение и кредит, учет, финансово-экономическое прогнозирование PRICING AND PRICING METHODS OF THE ENTERPRISE Borodin Denis V. ESTABLISHMENT OF THE ASIAN INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTNMENT BANK AS A TOOL FOR IMPROVEMENT OF INVESTMENT STRATEGY IN DEVELOPING AP REGION CONTRIES Klishin Vladimir V. FOREIGN EXCHANGE RESERVES IN TERMS OF GEOPOLITICAL TENSIONS Denisov Nikita Yu. NEW APPROACHES TO THE ORGANIZATION OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT: TAX RISKS Talberg O. V. 18. Мировая и региональная экономика THE METHODICAL APPROACH TO IDENTIFYING POTENTIAL MARKETS OF INNOVATIVE SPACE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES BASED ON THE CLUSTER ANALYSIS OF THE SOCIO-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF COUNTRIES AND REGIONS Evtushenko Oleg N. Razoumny Yuriy N. Myakisheva Polina M. 19. Управление инновациями и инвестициями INNOVATIVE PROCESSES IN THE RUSSIAN ECONOMY Chaplyuk Vladimir Z. Grigoryeva Irina M. 20. Экономическая безопасность ECONOMIC APPROACH TO EFFICIENCY ASSESSMENT OF LAW-ENFORCEMENT BODIES ACTIVITY ON THE SHADOW ECONOMY COUNTERACTION Kovtunova Svetlana Yu. Grachev Alexander V. INNOVATION AS A FACTOR OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND ECONOMIC SECURITY Ostryakova Aida F. 21. Экономическая теория INSTITUTIONAL MECHANISM OF HUMAN CAPITAL REPRODUCTION Zotova Aleksandra I. Solodukha Peter V. CASESTUDY Solodukha Peter V. Charnavalau Aliaksandr V. SYSTEM OF INDICATORS ESTIMATION COST OF OBJECTS STATE PROPERTY Ostrovskiy Leonid I.