Issues of delimitation of riots with administrative offenses

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Borovikov Valery Borisovich PhD at law, associate professor. Position: professor. Department: Criminal Law chair. Borovikova Viktoria V. PhD, docent, degree of the chair of criminology, Moscow University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia
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The article reveals the problems of delimiting mass riots with related administrative violations. Attention is drawn to the complex nature of the objective side of mass riots, the concept of the crowd, the main features of the composition of this act. Proposed measures to improve the disposition of st.122 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and a number of articles establishing liability for violation of public order. The purpose of writing the article is to show the main criteria for distinguishing between riots with various administrative offenses that encroach on public order and public safety. Foreign experts involved in the study of these scientific problems -N.Freier, P.Bastid, V.Friedman. Methodology - when writing the article, the methods of scientific research are used: content analysis, the method of peer review. Conclusions: The authors developed the main approaches to the delineation of riots with various administrative offenses. The scope of the study is an analysis of Russian criminal and administrative legislation that provides for responsibility for crimes and administrative offenses that infringe on public order and public safety. Practical significance - this article contributes to the development of the theory and practice of qualifying crimes against public order and public security. Social consequences - the formulated proposals in the article can be used in the theory and practice of applying the criminal law norm establishing responsibility for riots. The originality of the publication lies in new approaches to the problem of dividing riots with related offenses.
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Borovikov V.B., Borovikova V.V., (2017), ISSUES OF DELIMITATION OF RIOTS WITH ADMINISTRATIVE OFFENSES. Gaps in Russian legislation, 5: 98-101.
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riots, administrative offense, public order, public safety, qualification of crimes.