Some ways of using the media in the prevention of terrorism

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Borovikova Viktoria V. PhD, docent, degree of the chair of criminology, Moscow University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia
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This article discusses the basic approaches of using the media in preventing terrorist crimes, highlights the information activities of the media among the population to instil anti-terrorist attitudes. The purpose of writing this article - to show the possibility of prophylactic use of media in the fight against terrorist crimes. Foreign experts involved in the study of the scientific problems: Lasswell H., Lockyer A., ​​Mattelart A., Stil B., Wilkinson P. Methodology - When writing this article, the following research methods: statistical, content analysis, the method of peer review. Conclusions: The author formulates a conclusion that in modern conditions have to be used to a greater extent the preventive capacity of the media in countering terrorism. Scope of the study: The study results are preliminary and require further study of the problems of using the media in the fight against terrorist crimes. The practical significance - this article defines the approaches possible use of the media to counter terrorist activities, expanding arsenal of tools in the fight against this anti-social phenomenon. The social consequences - the provisions set forth in the article can be used in the development of comprehensive measures to prevent terrorist crimes. The originality of the publication - is the new approach to the study of the concept of "terrorism", the development of specific forms of using the media in countering terrorism.
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Borovikova V.V., (2015), SOME WAYS OF USING THE MEDIA IN THE PREVENTION OF TERRORISM. Gaps in Russian legislation, 5: 133-136.
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media, terrorism, prevention of crimes.