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Kuashev Alim Aouesovich Position: lecturer. Place of employment: Krasnodar University of MIA Russia. Branch: North Caucasus Institute for Advanced Studies. Department: special-technical training chair.
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International criminal organizations are increasingly using sophisticated methods of communication and action. In many cases, such as corruption, human trafficking, drugs, etc., there is no evidence. These crimes are "without victims" or "without witnesses", and their reporting is rare. Traditional methods and methods of investigation are not always productive in order to counteract criminal activity. This led to the need to use the most effective methods, such as special investigative techniques, such as simulation of action, controlled delivery of illegal goods, infiltrated agent, alternating with the interception of communications and equipment with the use of modern technology. Better knowledge of these methods is of particular importance for law enforcement agencies, as well as for a person who may be vulnerable to these crimes.
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Kuashev A.A., (2018), METHODOLOGY OF INVESTIGATION OF CRIMES AGAINST ORGANIZED CRIME. Gaps in Russian legislation, 5: 249-250.
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special investigative techniques, organized crime, proactive investigation, proof.