To a question of imperfection of the term «act of terrorism»

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Manukyan Aline Romanovna PhD at law, associate professor, police colonel. Position: associate professor. Place of employment: Krasnodar University of MIA Russia. Ranch: North Caucasus Institute for Advanced Studies. Department: state and civil law disciplines chair.
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Act of terrorism, undoubtedly, is one of the most dangerous crimes as for each separately taken individual, and internationally. Despite existence of legislatively fixed definition of act of terrorism, in scientific literature still this concept is debatable. The author notes imperfection of the operating legal definition and offers possible option of her improvement.
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Manukyan A.R., (2018), TO A QUESTION OF IMPERFECTION OF THE TERM «ACT OF TERRORISM». Gaps in Russian legislation, 5: 143-145.
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a terrorist act, crime, perpetrator, terrorist organization, the threat, terrorist activities.