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Borovikov Valery Borisovich PhD at law, associate professor. Position: professor. Department: Criminal Law chair. Borovikova Viktoria V. PhD, docent, degree of the chair of criminology, Moscow University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia
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The article deals with the prevention of juvenile crime with the media. It pays special attention to the fact that the media in certain cases can initiate criminal behavior in adolescents. Specially estimated negative impact of the Internet on cases of suicide among minors, showing preventive power of the media in combating juvenile delinquency . The purpose of writing -show lighting problem of juvenile crime in the Russian media. Foreign specialists involved in research of these scientific issues: Adorno T., Johnson D., Carpenter E., Horkheimer M. Methodology - This article uses the following methods of scientific research: statistical, content analysis, expert evaluation method Conclusions: Domestic media in general properly illuminate the issues of crime prevention. However, there are journalists on the one hand, the exaggeration of some family conflicts, on the other - they are underestimated. Clearly, the focus of the mass media should be the problem of suicide among minors. Scope of the study: The findings are preliminary and requires further study of the problem of domestic violence in accordance with a specially developed program. Practical significance - this work is that it "signals" the relevant state bodies and public organizations that the social institution of the family in the Russian Federation is currently experiencing a serious crisis and the need for effective measures to withdraw it from such a condition. Social consequences - the provisions set forth in the article may be used in the development of areas of family policy in the Russian Federation and corresponding measures to prevent domestic violence. Originality publication - It lies in new approaches to the determination of the mass media in the prevention of crimes and administrative offenses of minors. This article will be useful for journalists covering crime and internal affairs bodies and law enforcement agencies involved in the prevention of crime
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Borovikov V.B., Borovikova V.V., (2015), THE MEDIA AND THE PREVENTION OF JUVENILE CRIME. Business in Law, 5: 116-121.
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media, Internet, prevention of crimes, minors, suicide, violence.